French death metal masters THE SEVEN GATES will have their debut album Angel of Suffering unleashed on the masses in the United States on May 12th and in Europe on June 2nd 2009. As a primer, HEAVY ARTILLERY is offering a preview of the album’s title track “Angel of Suffering” as well as “The Serpent’s Wheel” on both the label and band’s myspace profiles.

Born from the ashes of revered French underground metal acts Daemonium, Akhenaton and late 80’s French death metal pioneers Mutilated, THE SEVEN GATES began their assault in 2006 with the release of their “All is In All” demo. In 2007 the band followed up with a self-released EP entitled Gehenna’s Sword, gaining THE SEVEN GATES praise from the European metal press and earning them a spot on several “Best of 2007” lists in many of the Europe’s leading metal publications. That same year, the bands’ first tour evoked frenzied interest from fans and further praise from the press, rousing the attention of New York’s HEAVY ARTILLERY RECORDS who quickly offered the band a place on their roster.

Mastered by renown French engineer Jean-Pierre Bouquet, Angel of Suffering delivers 10 tracks of old-school death metal with an endless supply of hooks, masterful musicianship and a sufficient dose of pure fucking evil, sure to please fans of early Deicide, Morbid Angel, Autopsy and early death metal in general.

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