THE ATLAS MOTH Unveil New Music, Title, Artwork for New Album

Chicago atmospheric sludge metallers The Atlas Moth have posted a rough demo of a brand-new song from their forthcoming debut album, which is to be entitled, A Glorified Piece Of Blue-Sky. The album will be produced, mixed, and recorded by The Atlas Moth’s bassist, Andrew Ragin, at Phase Recording in Chicago, and post production on the album will be done by Tranquility Bass.

The band have also unveiled the album cover, a Pink Floyd-inspired work of art done by the band’s dear friend Ryan Kasparian, and announced an upcoming show supporting the one and only COALESCE.

As the band stated on their official Myspace page, “It’s called A Glorified Piece Of Blue-Sky and we are about 75% done with it right now. We are going into the studio at the end of April to hopefully have this sucka finished up by June 1st. This record is ACTUALLY The Atlas Moth, when we wrote the EP, we weren’t a complete band yet. This record, from start to finish, was a collaborative effort between all 5 of us. We’ve actually been playing a couple of these songs almost as long as we played some of the stuff off of Pray for Tides.

“As of today our EP has been out for about 14 months and, frankly, we are starting to feel bad about not posting something new for all of you to hear. Not to mention that we just got added on the Coalesce show here in Chicago on April 24th and we are feeling down right smitten. Regarding Tranquility Bass: Mike is a close friend of ours and a supporter of our music from the beginning. He understands the vibe we are trying to create on this record. His musical creativity & outside perspective towards making this record a solid entity is really exciting to us and we are looking forward to his contribution to it!”

So, without further ado, here is the title track from our new record in demo form. This is not the album version of the track but since we still aren’t giving you anything completely done, I do feel as though you should get a little taste of the album.”

***Keep an eye out for more music, merch, tour dates, and exciting news from the ‘Moth. Until then, head on over to their Mypace and wrap your ears around the new jam. Digital copies of their last effort, the critically-acclaimed Pray for Tides EP, are available upon request, and the band are always available for interviews!***


7/10 in DECIBEL
Featured in HAILS & HORNS MAGAZINE as a Band to Watch

The crushingly heavy guitars, coupled with the sometimes epic, sometimes downright dirty vocals make a sound that is immense as it is up close and personal, and raw as it is controlled and clever…The first track alone probably alone demonstrates what this band is about, with some lovely intense and technical guitar lines, and some awesome clean vocals, “Hope For Atlantis” does exactly what an opener should do. Introduce the band’s sound and leave the listener wanting more.  – The Metal Observer

It’s a supremely impressive first effort, and leaves me wanting more. Just imagining what this band could be capable of given a studio budget and an album’s worth of material gives me shivers.” –

“Hails to The Atlas Moth! This is slap your mama up against the wall and eat your biscuits and red-eye gravy swampin’ sludge! A band to look out for, and for sure lock up your daughters!” – The Sludge Swamp

“Hometown sludge warrior the Atlas Moth likes its metal with a heaping dose of doom. Though it allegedly pledges allegiance to the home of electric blues, you’d be hard pressed to hear it over the deafening drawl of drop D guitars.” – Time Out Chicago


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