The Business – Hardcore Hooligan (CD)

I must admit that this was the first recording by The Business that I was lucky enough to receive for review. I was only informed about the band because of their split with the Dropkick Murphies.

Being one of the longest-running current punk bands out in the scene, I was quite shocked that I hadn’t heard of them before this. Playing a style of music not unlike that of Skrewdrive, Prole, or the 4-Skins, The Business infuse traditional oi music with a real-life appreciation of football music. Keeping up the same level of intensity through 11 of the 12 tracks on the disc (Viva Bobby Moore being the only exception), The Business known enough about the music industry to keep rocking out tracks that would have no problem being put into high rotation on a radio station. The Business rock out with a small number of chords but enough musical talent to modify the arrangements in each song in such a way that make each track stand out instead of run together in a jumbled mess. What may confuse American listeners of this disc is the previously mentioned dedication to their football team, where most the individuals who would listen to The Business have been socialized to hate most sporting events. With their catchy choruses as well as clear, pseudo-Ramones vocal style, The Business put to shame almost every single other band doing oi music. A greater knowledge of how to play their instruments can’t be a fault – in tracks like “Terrace Lost It’s Soul” the meaty bass line bounces through while flirting with the spot-on drums. Practically never letting their listeners a chance to catch their breaths, The Business blast through a dozen songs in under a half-hour. These tracks never function as filler, either – a great number of them can almost be considered instant classics. Hardcore Hooligans is infused with a style of energy that is always hard to bring onto a recording – this disc smacks of being one step away from a live set. The few minor drop outs (such as in “England 5, Germany 1”) and cut-off tracks keep the disc itself from not being over-polished. This album would be fine in 1982, 1992, 2002 and The Business has not had to change their style in over twenty years. Here’s to a much longer future!

The Business – Hardcore Hooligan / 12 Tracks / BYO Records / /

Rating : 8.3/10

Top Tracks : England 5, Germany 1, Terrace Lost It’s Soul

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