Behind the Songs with Sarah Reeves…

Sarah Reeves shares the inspiration behind “My Savior” from her April 21 project, Sweet, Sweet Sound. To hear the story in its entirety, visit:
“This song comes from Matthew 14:22-32. It is the story of Peter walking on the water to Jesus. As long as he kept his eyes on Jesus, he was fine. As soon as he realized that the stormy sea was underneath his feet, he began to sink. So Jesus reached out His hand and saved him from the raging ocean. I can relate to this story because so many times I magnify my problems over God. I forget how big He really is. My biggest ocean is like a puddle to Him. He is always there to reach out His hand and rescue us no matter what. He went all the way for me. He died on a cross so that I could live. He truly is my hero, my best friend, and my Savior.” –Sarah Reeves

Access an audio stream of “My Savior” at

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