Ben Cooley Hall – Owning Up To A Life (CD)

“Dream excerpt no. 1” is a track that is eclectic in its sound, blending together indie music with folk and even alt-country. There is little in the way of instrumental adornment to be had with the track, but Hall’s vocals take a strong step forward in the creation of an impressive first glance. “Sunny Day” brings in a little bit more to the instrumental side of things, and listeners will be able to discern a little bit of Beatles influence peppering the song.

“After The Fall” has a more somber sound to it than “Sunny Day”, but shows listeners a more contemplative side to Hall. The inclusion of a harmonica during the track further adds to the “anything that can” attitude that is present on “Owning Up To A Life”. With this, listeners will have no clue where Hall is going to go on tracks like “Come To Care”. “Later tracks on the disc, such as “Compromise”, continue this trend. The wide-open sound of the track gives homage to a number of different artists and bands, but it is ultimately Hall’s own unique sound that shines through the brightest. “Dependable Downer” is one of “Owning Up To A Life”’s most memorable tracks, as it ties together sixties and seventies rock with alternative rock into a package that will have listeners singing along well after the track (and even the CD) ends.

While most of popular music consists of bands trying to ape the sound of their musical predecessors, the bold new path forged by Ben Cooley Hall on “Owning Up To A Life” is something that will cause fans of any musical taste or genre to stand up and take notice. The studio side of Hall captured on “Owning Up To A Life” is one that cannot be missed, but for full appreciation of the artist, I would strongly suggest to keep an eye out for when Hall takes his act out on the road. Buy this CD from the site listed today.

Top Tracks: Dependable Downer, Sunny Day

Rating: 8.3/10

Ben Cooley Hall – Owning Up To A Life / 2009 Caunounicus / 11 Tracks /

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