Off the back of his recent Defected Compilation comes the summer sizzler ‘Desire’ from upcoming French producer Michael Canitrot.

After a week of scorching sun here in the capital, Kish Communications has something very refreshing for you all. Michael Canitrot’s new single ‘Desire’ in its original form is a huge funky house anthem that is laced with catchy sing-a-long lyrics. ‘Desire’ has been garnering massive support from the likes of Martin Solveig, Aaron Ross, Norman Doray and Pippi and has been heavily played on the radio and on the dance floor.

The single package has some great remixes in there for you, starting off with Mitch LJ & Mark Alston’s big-room peak time electro monster, which then moves on to Richard Earnshow’s retro take on the single – perfect for those that like a bit of slap bass and soulful sounds. Skye & Sugarstarr’s club mix is another peak-time piano anthem. This is pure Ibiza! Finally to complete the package is Tuccillo’s deeper, techier and twisted take. There is a dub available too.

All in all this is one essential track that is destined to cause a storm around the world!!!!


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