Eminem – You Don’t Know (CD)

I’m not exactly sure if this will be categorized as an Eminem track or not, but Eminem is the major force behind this track. This track also features 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and features Cashis. The track does not distinguish itself in any way early. The backing beat is understated, with the flow from each rapper not doing much to imprint the track in the heads of anyone listening in. Eminem uses eir trademark style to bring the track out of mediocrity, but the anemic backing beat does not do much for the song. The track is fairly long (the studio mix clocks in at 4 minutes on the dot), and there is not enough in the way of change for individuals to be kept interested throughout. Cashis is a competent rapper but there is again nothing that immediately puts eir above the masses of other rappers trying to make it big. Overall, the track is solid but there is nothing here that will make this into the next number one single for Eminem. I want to hear Cashis’ album when it comes out, but here’s to hoping that ey can go forth and get eir name out with a few solid tracks, preferably with other rappers of Eminem’s stature doing the bulk of the work.

Rating: 3.0/10

Eminem – You Don’t Know / 2006 Shady / 4 Tracks / http://www.shadyrecords.com / http://www.myspace.com/shadyrecords / Reviewed 29 October 2006


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