Emo Dagger – So This Is Me (CD)

There will be a lot of individuals that do not pick up “So This Is Me” because Emo is in the title. However, the music that opens up the intro to the disc is in no way connected to the emo style. “Just Believe” reminds me of a blend between Enrique Iglesias and Marc Antony; this is pop music done with a very light hint of Latin style to it. “Just Believe’ has a canned guitar that is done in much the same way as the hint of guitar that is found to the main track from the Titanic soundtrack. However, the vocals are obviously the focal point of “Just Believe”, and there seems to be a little tinniness present through this and other tracks that makes the album not quite as impressive as it could be. The layout of the disc is strong, in the sense that the first few tracks do not ask too much in the way of dedication from the listener.

This does change by the time that the fourth track “Lost” comes up, individuals have to stick with the slower tempo of the track for almost five and a half minutes. The lack of instrumentation throughout this track is another strike for Emo Dagger; there just is not enough in the way of things to grab onto during the track. I understand where Emo Dagger is trying to go, trying to push eirself into the Babyface type of groove, but the arrangement and type of vocals are not at that level on “So This Is Me” yet. “Chains” is the track directly after “Lost”, but even the sped-up tempo of this track is not enough to bring back any momentum for Emo Dagger.

The vocals are up at a level that are well louder than any of the rest of the instrumentation on the disc, and this distracts listeners from hearing what is actually a pretty impressive back beat. This is pop music, but the pop music that makes it big is done with a little more care and has more to give to their listeners that Emo Dagger can bring forth on “So This Is Me”. If the production is allowed to bring the vocal and instrumental streams a little bit more in sync, the results would be much more impressive than what eventually lands on this album. Here’s to hoping that Emo Dagger’s next foray into pop music is more coherent than “So This Is Me”.

Top Tracks: Your Eyes, Just Mistake

Rating: 3.8/10

Emo Dagger – So This Is Me / 2006 Mysticwave / 13 Tracks / http://www.emodagger.com / http://www.mysticwaverecords.com / Reviewed 27 July 2006


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