Enemy 13 – Self Destruction Is (CD)

Enemy 13 starts out their “Self Destruction Is” with a tremendously fast bit of punk rock that is modified by the inclusion of double-bass drumming. The recording is a a lot on the fuzzy, slightly tinny side but the one thing that individuals will be able to hear throughout is the talent and intensity of the band. Couple that with a guitar riff that will bring individuals back to the days of the early eighties and Enemy 13 are sitting pretty at the end of this, their “Count”.

At some points, such as during the opening to “Out ofd Control”, Enemy You sounds like a blend of Final War and Screeching Weasel. The same speedy pop-punk is blended with thrash and a tinge of metal to make something that is surprisingly diverse and new in punk rock. Another thing that is shocking about “Self Destruction Is” is that the band is able to hold on for over a half hour. Most acts would pack it in around twenty minutes, but some of the tracks on this album are lonig enough to allow for listeners to feel as if they are completely full, instead of still wanting more from the band. If the recording and production levels of this disc were increased slightly, there is a good shot that Enemy 13 could get onto either Havoc or Punkcore Records, that is how solid they are.

With tracks like “Drug City”, the song is catchy as all get out but Enemy 13 gets into troubled water considering that the vocals are pretty hard to decipher. As was previously mentioned, Enemy 13 has everything else more than well cared for. I love this disc, but the production values are what kills them. If anyone is into this same of pit-friendly punk rock, by all means go and see Enemy 13 at a local bar or venue. The intensity will come through, and so will the vocals. I know I’ll rock this out when I’m driving 100 in my car, but I will keep an ear to the ground for this band’s next release, which will hopefully fix the most egregious problems with the vocals and fuzz. Give the disc a few spins and write the band, tell them what you think, and hopefully they will continue well on into the next decade; Enemy 13 is a diamond in the rough at this point.

Top Tracks: Drug City, Getting Your ‘X’ On

Rating: 7.3/10

Enemy 13 – Self Destruction Is / 2006 Broken Bonez Records / 13 Tracks / http://www.enemy13.com / http://www.brokenbonezrecords.net / Reviewed 27 January 2007


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  1. Lol. I never thought my band would be compared to Screeching Weasel. Who worte this? Also how did you get ahold of this album it was only sold on a short tour and in El Paso

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