Entertonement Enables Five Record Labels to Share Music Online With Confidence

Online media platform Entertonement today launched a new service whereby record labels Deep Elm, Merovingian Music, Interactive Jack, Authentik Artists, and Sound vs. Silence have brought their artists’ music to a new sharable medium specifically designed for the social Web. Entertonement’s Music Platform now features music from Shawn Smith (Brad, Satchel, Pigeonhed) and punk upstarts Desoto Jones, with many more to come.

With Entertonement’s Music Platform, record labels provide content to consumers on the Web while maintaining the ability to manage listeners’ experiences. Using easily customizable artist pages, custom players, and APIs that plug in to all the popular social media sites, record labels can post songs with the look and feel they design. This arrangement enables fans to be passionate advocates for their favorite artists by sampling content, sharing tracks and interviews, or sending snippets to cell phones as ringtones. Furthermore, Entertonement’s Music Platform provides record labels a dashboard to view what consumers are listening to on the Entertonement sites as well as the customizable players..

“We’re really excited to be an early launch partner for Entertonement’s Music Platform,” says Interactive Jack founder, Dave Flowers. “As a record label that represents independent artists, the best thing that can happen to one of our tracks is for it to be passed around virally. Entertonement’s Music Platform makes it easy for full songs to be embedded on anyone’s Web site, or even better, sent directly to someone’s cell phone as a ringtone.”

“We believe more labels will be drawn to Entertonement by the strength of our audience and the openness of our platform,” says Entertonement founder David Aronchick. “With the Entertonement Music Platform, there is no need to contain music to a single listening experience; instead, fans can take their favorite music to every social media experience they use.”

With over three and a half million unique users across its network, Entertonement
offers visibility to record labels of all sizes either on the Entertonement.com site or across the Web. Customized channels will contain tracks from various artists all in one place, while allowing listeners to add the tracks to their own collections or Web sites.

About Entertonement
Entertonement is an online media platform that is changing the way people express themselves through creating, sharing, and listening to entertaining, informative, and timely sound bites online and through mobile devices. As a global community built around the largest collection of sound clips and segments on the Web, Entertonement makes it easy for people to connect and engage in new ways around compelling content. Anyone who has access to a computer, mobile phone, or video camera can upload an original sound bite in any format and share it with millions of people around the world using the same social media, email, blogs, and mobile devices that they currently employ.

About Deep Elm Records
Now with over 135 releases in its catalog, fiercely independent Deep Elm Records (www.deepelm.com) continues to build a better record label—one that operates on principles other than the pursuit of earnings. Deep Elm’s label is about people coming together, meeting, singing, and sharing that experience with each other. It is about the power of music and the bands that create it. Founded on respect for music and the creative process, a goal of discovering and developing new artists, and undying integrity, Deep Elm strives to further its reputation as one of the world’s most reliable sources of quality independent recordings. Deep Elm is responsible for seminal releases by The Appleseed Cast, Latterman, Benton Falls, Clair De Lune, Slowride, and most recently Moving Mountains, Desoto Jones, 500 Miles to Memphis, Track A Tiger, and Sounds Like Violence. Deep Elm is also known for its two multi-volume compilation series: This Is Indie Rock and The Emo Diaries (www.deepelm.com/emo) featuring Jimmy Eat World, Annuals, Further Seems Forever, Samiam, Movielife, The Forecast, and 200 other bands.

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