The Epoxies – S/T EP (CD)

There are a lot of individuals that cal themselves Epoxies fans. This is a great way to hear the band when they were much smaller of a band, back when they weren’t on Fat Wreck. However, The Epoxies still had a style that blended Tron and X-Ray Spex. The first track on this EP is “Need More Time”, and one would be confused to hear that the track actually came out in 2001 instead of 1981. There are Vapors-esque guitar lines, Runaways-like vocals and hints of Devo and “Trans”-era Neil Young all present in the first two and a half minute salvo from The Epoxies.

To say that this was an explosive opening is to sell The Epoxies short. The band keeps up the theme and the energy with “Molded Plastic”. The track is not as immediately catchy as “Need More Time”, but there are moments during this track where The Epoxies reach that same level. The presence of the bass during this track is perhaps the thing to write home about, as it provides a heavier end to what was a band that worked up at the higher registers of the musical spectrum during the entirety of “Need More Time”. Again, the track is long enough to get individuals interested in the band but not too long; individuals will not get tired of The Epoxies antics throughout the entirety of this EP. Putting a little electronic influence to what would normally be an opening guitar line to a Journey song,

“Beat My Guest” is the hump track of the EP. The track continues the overall sound of the EP but does not add much in the way of different approaches or styles to The Epoxies’ arsenal. “Synthesised” has a bouncy beat to it that works perfectly with what The Epoxies are trying to do, but would work equally well with acts like The Sounds. The Epoxies knew what they were doing all those years ago and this EP sounds like something that would be cut and released to the public in the current era. This EP is for any fan of the band, or for anyone who misses the days of Devo. The fact that The Epoxies can simultaneously call forth acts like the aforementioned Devo and Green Day even predates The Network; this is really a bit of history that should be picked up.

Top Track: Need More Time

Rating: 6.8/10

The Epoxies – S/T EP / 2006 Dirtnap / 5 Tracks / / / Reviewed 16 September 2006


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