Timo Maas Debut on More Music with ‘Bite The Dust / Payback’ EP

This Is Music Ltd is a record label on a mission. From Boy 8 Bit and Findlay Brown and Lord Skywave to Alexander Robotnik, they scored their biggest hit with Mujava’s ‘Township Funk’ last summer. And now it’s time for brand new sister-label More Music to emerge from the shadows. Set up by This Is Music MD Oli Isaacs with Mixmag’s Ralph Moore, their first release is a double-headed techno monster from the legendary Timo Maas. ‘Bite The Dust’/’Payback’ comes complete with remixes from Simon Baker and John Digweed, meaning the musical circle between past, present and future is most definitely complete.

“This Is Music is a broad and eclectic label whereas More Music is a specialist dance imprint,” says Oli. “But we’re not restricting ourselves to one sub genre, it’s just whatever we like so long as its good dance music. Ralph and I grew up listening to a lot of the same records and we wanted to start releasing brand new music that felt like it was inspired by the same values that those records embodied when we were just getting into it all.” “There’s definitely a depth and an emotional sensibility to the productions we like,” says Ralph. “But most of all we want to make people dance!”

“I feel so comfortable with where I am right now,” comments Maas from his home on a spacious farm-house in Germany where he lives with his family – his wife, his children, and across the field in an adjacent farmhouse, his production partner and musical brother Santos. “Our entire operation is about the possibility to experiment. Some days we just listen to 70s psychedelic rock – it’s totally open-minded and Santos also has several side projects. Of course, a Timo Maas album is something we will start this Autumn.” The two tracks are epic, eight-minute club tracks that resolutely refuse to be categorised – but Timo’s words below may help!


“We were sitting in the studio and working on some beats and loops and at a certain point, Santos said ‘I found a new bassline’. And I listened to the bassline and went completely crazy. It was a TIMO MAAS sound and both of us were really excited. A bassline is a very important thing and the one we have was just so different and it drives the track in a trippy direction. The whole track is a trip!”
John Digweed & Nick Muir’s Remix maintains the soul and rthymic integrity of the original, however incorporating a new tension winding up until you can almost touch the wobbling lines bouncing in your ears. Clear and sharp sounds make this track to an unique trip!


“That’s a very controversial track. ‘Payback’ was made more for the festival situations and whenever I play it, people go crazy and it really gives me a feeling which I’d forgotten about, a good old rave feeling. It’s a hands-up track and more in your face but it works super well. Not minimal, not techno. To me, techno and tech-house are the things that will always survive.”
Simon Baker Remix ….Sweet revenge – Simon Baker pushes us towards the dancefloor using the overwhelming energy coming out of this track. Well shaped waves of organic tunes let us surf into eight minutes of pure bliss….dance!

Commenting on More Music – a new digital electronic label that launches in September – Timo sees it as the perfect opportunity to “… explore new territories. I feel extremely confident right now and I’ve been looking out for a perfect partner to spread the word. I am what I am and I can’t live without music!”

– – – – TRACKLIST – – – –

01 Bite The Dust
02 Bite The Dust (John Digweed and Nick Muir remix)
03 Payback
04 Payback (Simon Baker remix)

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