Ever Will You Get There – Maybe We Can Help You Find a Place (CD)

From the liner, this mini cd was created “using two guitars, two tape recorders, our voices, found objects and the environmental sounds that surrounded us”. The lyrics are truly created on the spot, so don’t be shocked if a song (like “in the city”) just consists of whatever the songwriter sees. The recording leaves something to be desired, but the two individuals that created this CD intentionally recorded like this, and “through this project we hope to inspire others to create and share art in a similar vein.” The two acoustic guitars are played in a way that screams pre-arrangement, and do provide a wonderful backdrop for the on-the-fly lyrics. Another definite plus to this mini-disc is its extreme length. While the terms “mini-disc” and “length” are usually running at opposites, this mini-CD is chock-full of infectious songs that have as a glue spontaneity. The only discernible weakness to the disc is the poor recording, especially during “Stop ‘n’ Go”, which almost makes the lyrics just another piece of the background music. The poor recording during this song is really sad, as the song is probably the most catchy and coherent on the disc, with a chorus that will catch itself in the listeners head for weeks afterwards. What looks like an oddity constructed for the sheer purpose of selling itself on its design really has artistic merit, and talent to spare. Pick this up.

Top Track : Stop ‘n’ Go.

Rating : 6.5/10

Ever Will You Get There – Maybe We Can Help You Find a Place / 9 Songs / Self-Released / http://www.falltheory.com

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