Fly Gypsy – “Block Rockin’ (Remix)” feat. Lauryn Hill, Busta Rhymes

Fly Gypsy is back at it with their newest track, “Block Rockin’ (Remix),” off of their latest project, The Vodka & Rum Mixtape. The MC/producer duo blend a wide variety of genres and lyricists to create an infectiously head nodding track, incorporating a sample from big beat legends, The Chemical Brothers, a verse from Lauryn Hill, taken from her track “Lost Ones,” and a verse from Busta Rhymes, taken from his classic “Woo Hah.” These parts compliment Fly Gypsy’s own lyrical and musical display throughout the track.

Producer Alexei Jendayi kicks things off, providing a strong base for each of the MC’s verses, adding percussion, bass, and heavy synths on top of the drum sample. However, as Alexei says himself, this track is all about Fly Gypsy’s MC, Kowboy Kom: “The track is all about Kom showing off. When Kom heard it, he knew he had to come hard on this one if he wanted to hold his own next to Lauryn and Busta. And he sure did. There are plenty of punch lines and the delivery is mad aggressive. And just like Lauryn and Busta, Kom rhymes every line, so the flow is ridiculous!” From the moment Kowboy Kom begins rapping, it’s clear he’s holding his own on a track graced by superstars, shining throughout with solid lines like, “How you going to pull a sword on a sensei, don’t let your mouth write checks that your ass can’t pay.” “Block Rockin'” is a track that embodies what Fly Gypsy represents: A style all their own, a strong emphasis on creativity, and the blending of many styles and genres into singular, cohesive, and standout tracks.

Make sure to check out the rest of The Vodka & Rum Mixtape, available everywhere via Fly Gypsy’s own Fly Gypsy Music (

Also, make sure to check out Fly Gypsy performing “Block Rockin'” live at Baltimore’s Eden’s Lounge. On performing the song live, Kowboy Kom says, “When we rock this on stage, the energy is off the chain. The band goes crazy, Alexei starts out killing it on the turntables and then gets it in on and the guitar, and I go bananas with the delivery. We can’t help it; that song is a party all by itself.”

“Reasons” feat. Kanye West from Fly Gypsy’s The Vodka & Rum Mixtape –

The Background:

The much talked-about hip-hop duo Fly Gypsy made its first splash in late 2008 with an election-themed single that introduced the duo’s energetic, guitar-driven sound to music fans around the world. The group formally launched in July 2009, with the release of the summertime single “You.” The video for the single was shot in Jamaica by Ras Kassa (acclaimed for his work with Sean Paul, Beenie Man, and Damian Marley). Founded by the Russian-born producer and songwriter, Alexei Jendayi, and the Jamaican-born emcee, Kowboy Kom, Fly Gypsy has become an instant favorite among fans, developing a growing following thanks to its infectious beats, catchy hooks, and polished image. Music critics, meanwhile, have praised the Washington, D.C.-based duo for their ability to attract commercial appeal without compromising their musicianship or message, comparing the duo to the Fugees, Jay-Z, and Kanye West. The group’s latest work, The Vodka and Rum Mixtape is available now, everywhere.

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