Introducing… The Little Death

The Little Death harkens back to time when 60s rock bands discovered the Blues, and instead of simply imitating those who adopted it The Little Death took their cues and chose to forge their own path, taking their individual rock roots and drowning themselves in the Deep South sound. Everything about the band embodies the grassroots time period, with each member having equal say and equal stake in the band, based on a mentality of veteran musicians and friends wanting to create something together that reflects their mutual love of raw blues, soul, and psychedelic rock. Recording nearly every song in three takes or less in order to capture the fervor of their live performance, and recording to tape to encapsulate the rich sound of yesteryear, their self-titled debut is best heard loud.

After years of toying with creating a band together, Laura Dawn (lead vocals), Moby (bass, guitar), Daron Murphy (guitar, bass, & harmonica), and Aaron A. Brooks (drums) brought this beloved project to formation in 2008. Their mix of no-holds-bar raw guitars and thumping drums is like a drunken bar fight between John Lee Hooker, Kurt Weill and Dusty Springfield, overlayed with gritty vocals bringing to life those feelings that are at the core of all of us: blind joy and glorious dissolution, lust and despair.

This is passionate music created by passionate people, activists and artists (Laura Dawn has spent the last 6 years as the Cultural & Creative Director of progressive change powerhouse and Moby has spent years in the spotlight championing causes he believes in) who live hard, fight hard, and clearly love in equal measure.

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