Pugwash – London Times rave review; podcast of them discussing XTC connection

Newly signed to Andy Partridge’s Ape House label, the first release from Ireland’s Pugwash will be Giddy, a compilation of this outfit’s finest material to date in­cluding two tracks from the work in progress Eleven Modern Antiquities which in turn is scheduled for 2010 release. Led by vocalist/songwriter Thomas Walsh, Pugwash has featured an ever-changing cast of supporting players and special guests which has included Andy Partridge & Dave Gregory of XTC (Andy co-writing several tracks), Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy, Michael Penn, Jason Faulkner, The Section Quartet and Nelson Bragg of The Brian Wilson Band. The band itself consists of the aforementioned Mr. Walsh with Keith Farrell (Mundy, Cathy Davey) and Johnny Boyle (The Frames). Already out in England, Giddy is already getting great press in outlets like the Sunday London Times, which I include below.

Listen to part 2 of Pugwash’s compelling and amusing insight into the tracks on their new soon to be released compilation Giddy.

Thomas Walsh and his producer Keith reveal the XTC connection and how Dave Gregory became involved in arranging one of the songs on the album.


For many of us, there were two pleasant surprises attached to the band the Duckworth Lewis Method. The first was that Neil Hannon, out of the Divine Comedy, and some other bloke managed to write some rather good songs about the – at first glance – unpromising subject of cricket. The second was that the other bloke’s songs were every bit as good as Hannon’s. He was Thomas Walsh, and the third of our pleasant surprises is that his regular band creates rather good music, too. Walsh has long been admired in his native Ireland, and Giddy gathers together the best of his work from the past decade as a catching-up exercise for the rest of us. It’s overflowing with gentle, gorgeous Beatley pop (McCartney, rather than Lennon), and blissed-out gems such as Sunrise Sunset indicate immediately why he’s on Ape – a label run by XTC’s Andy Partridge. Mark Edwards/Sunday London Times 9/27

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