Video: Louisiana Ca$h – “Walk Wit A Dip”

It’s tough to argue with Louisiana Ca$h’s assertion after watching the video for his smash debut single “Walk Wit A Dip.” The song has blown up throughout the South (just check out the amount of videos of people dancing to the song on YouTube), and is quickly approaching nationwide popularity. The lyrics to the track are almost entirely built around the phrase “walk wit a dip”- Ca$h drawls various rhymes over the refrain and a sparse beat. “I put some gas in her whip / just to see her strip,” “I lean with a tip / gettin’ out the whip like jumping off a cliff.”

The video begins outside in the sunshine, complete with low riders, dancers, and Walk Wit A Dip printed t-shirts being waved in the air. As the video transitions to a dark club halfway through, a deeper bass line shakes up the track. “Walk Wit A Dip” has an infectious hook and a beat intended to test your subwoofer. In addition to standard Southern rap video fare, the video boasts bright colors, cute kids, and barber shop chairs. “Walk Wit A Dip” is available online via Battery Records.


Casting Call Video:

Born and raised in North Louisiana, Steven Morgan, also known as Louisiana Ca$h, has been in the rap game since the age of nine. Starting out rapping with friends and family, he always had the potential of a star. From talent shows to the locker room at Grambling High, Ca$h was always in the midst of a flow. Opening shows for artists such as Hurricane Chris, Lil’ Wayne, TI, Twista, Keyshia Cole, Webbie, and Lloyd, Ca$h gained great exposure while at Grambling State University. Now a part of Battery Records and Sony, Ca$h is on the brink of becoming the new face for the Southern space. With a vicious yet subtle mouthpiece, Ca$h is known for his direct attack on any given subject; he prides himself on bringing recognition to things not noticed by the naked eye. To date, Ca$h has dropped several hot mix tapes including: I Got That Sheet Rock, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and the upcoming Cash Over Everything hosted by DJ Whitey. Southern emcee-producer Jay Classik says “Ca$h is a next generation rapper. He has the swagger, lyrical content, and talent to compete in this overcrowded game. He’s on his way to the top. He will soon be in the elite class of the game- just watch!”


“Walk Wit A Dip”:

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