Fixer – Bend (CD)

Mixing the aural attacks of Axl Rose, Jon Bon Jovi, and a whole legion of incredible, over-the-top singers, Fixer cuts through the shoegazing, new-rock of New York hacks The Strokes, as well as the The Vines, Jet, The White Stripes, and all of the other acts that circle jerk over the memory of bands that they have no where near the talent level of. Whether it is the aforementioned vocals of Evan, or the vacillating guitars (should I say, vacilling between the crunchiness of nu-metal bands like Static-X and the sheer cutting solos of Helloween) of Wilson, Fixer is a band that has a destination in mind. To be honest, this is where Guns’N’Roses should be at now, in 2003, if Axl Rose wasn’t such an overbearing prick. Everything is here: everyone is talented, and Fixer mixes in perfect proportions New York Dolls and Ramones with Aerosmith and Rush, to make this fusion sound that has not been heard since “Appetite for Destruction.”

For specifics, each cut on this disc, whether it be “Bend Over Backwards”, “Home Again”, “Get It Right” or “Senseless”, could fit in equally well on KROCK, Headbangers Ball, any collegiate radio metal-themed show, or even the average Clearchannel-led “new rock” station. Popular music has seen that metal can be popular both in the independent charts and on popular media outlets (take The Darkness for example), but Fixer will succeed in a way that bands like The Darkness (and their ideological father, Spinal Tap) will never be able : since Fixer is serious about their music, not operating on the kitschy-ness and wide wallets (but fickle hearts) of indy kids, Fixer can continue operating successfully for a long period of time.

By this time, however, I feel that I am probably the only individual who was not aware of Fixer. Their press kit is literally littered with different victories in major-level “Battle of the Bands”-type events, as it is with overly kind reviews from major media outlets (Jersey Beat, Lollipop Magazines). Still, Fixer is a band that brings overt energy to each and every song on this recording, even if the tone of the song is a ballad or the like. Single-handedly bringing back a genre once thought dead over a decade ago might be hard work, but I cannot think of a more capable band than Fixer. Keep on rocking on, guys.

Rating : 8.5/10

Top Track : Home Again

Fixer – Bend / 4 Tracks / 2003 Fixermusic / / / Reviewed 29 December 2003

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