The Freedom Fries – Self-Titled EP (CD)

Starting off the disc with a slightly-hackneyed ska-punk guitar line, The Freedom Fries rapidly move beyond that roadblock to make a pop-punk gem in “SBC”, which owes more to the California 90’s punk school that anything. The arrangements during “SBC” are different enough too cause people to listen that much more intently to the disc, as they are drug in by the harmonica, the interesting drum beats, or the polished vocals. The punk-rock sing-a-long is extended into the single-quality “We Stand Alone”; the typical brash lyrics of the band coalesces into a rich, throbbing experience only bolstered by the wanky guitar solos in the track, themselves interspersed by burping noises. Set off from their first LP, this self-titled EP is much more experimental, culminating in the Lynyrd Skynyrd “Tuesday’s Gone” – ska duet that is the instrumental “Hanging Clowns”. While it might not be played live at all, or as much as perennial fan favorites “Free Chase Peterseim” or “Front St.”, this single track solidifies the fact that The Freedom Fries are more than your run of the mill punk act unleashed on the world. The only minor issue that I have with this disc is the fact that “Stupidness”, the last track on the disc, consists of nothing more than someone burping a few times. I was expecting some secret song, some secret cover that would make me spasm in ecstasy, but it was just this burping. Still, this is a disc that you should try to hunt out, or bother the members of the band for, if if you know them that well.

Top Track : “Hanging Clowns”

Rating : 8.5/10

The Freedom Fries – Self-Titled EP / 5 Tracks / 2002 /

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