The Wheat Pool Announce The Release Of “This Is It” Video

“This Is It” is the first song and first single from The Wheat Pool’s critically acclaimed sophomore album “Hauntario, released on October 6th.

“The Edmontonian quartet hit a perfect note right off the top with the opener “This Is It.” The song’s swaying rhythm builds to a thick layer of horns and piano, breaks down into an a cappella refrain of reverb-laden vocal harmonies and finally wraps up in a storm of grimy rock guitars; it’s a joyful marriage of rock and country sensibilities.” exclaim!

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Critical Acclaim For “Hauntario”

“Hauntario is a restless, hurting record full of the kind of cocaine jags and morning after regrets that put a person in a frame of mind to hit the road, fleeing with the last few vestiges of dignity and pride intact. Hauntario is a powerful record full of great fully realized songs, and to my mind yearning and hurting haven’t sounded this epic or strangely appealing in ages.” No Depression

“ … the type of record that somehow hits you in the stomach, the mouth and the heart all at the same time” Herohill

“The songwriting skill displayed by The Wheat Pool is a rare commodity, and the band uses it to full effect. A consistently rewarding listen like Hauntario is even rarer; albums like this are to be treasured” Gateway

The band that pride itself on making music perfectly suited to road-tripping have succeeded again with an album that makes a body yearn for the sight of that broken white line disappearing under the front wheels of the car.” Exclaim!

“Hauntario is hauntingly beautiful. It reminded me that, even though our true emotions may be drowned out during the day by ringing phones, zooming cars and insincere human interaction, at the end of the day we’re all still capable of feeling something. “ The Indie Files

“The Wheat Pool have released what is sure to be one of the finest albums that will see the light of day this year, possibly the best Canadian release you’ll hear in 2009. It’s a collection of fairly dark songs of separation, desperation, isolation, and loneliness made easier to stomach due to the band’s complete mastery of melody and harmony.” Sound Salvation Army

“With sweeping and impressive vocal arrangements, nice harmonies and crisp production, Hauntario is an impressive follow up that ought to merit full attention from first track to last. Smart, dark and haunting, yet still carrying a hope of light at the end of a tunnel, the Wheat Pool have created a very good album that is sure to capture the ears of new and old fans alike.” Discorder

“It’s been said a good writer writes what he knows best. If that’s the case, Canadian alt-country rockers The Wheat Pool undoubtedly know their country like the back of their hand. “`The Uniter

“`The album makes art out of pain without adding to it. It celebrates loss and memories like only good music can. “` See

“Awash in introspective, angst-driven material they create wonderful neat little grooves that, on first hearing might sound insignificant and inconsequential but after a couple of listens slot into place. Vocally, brothers Rob and Mike Angus are excellent, and with fellow members Steph Dagenais (drums) and Glen Erickson on electric lead guitar aided by steel guitar and piano the quartet capture the space and beauty of Canada’s wide-open spaces is captured.” Americana UK

“Another winning sophomore effort, this time from Edmonton’s Wheat Pool, whose blend of folk and country based tunes make for another enjoyable listening experience. It’s one good song after another, with ‘Lefty’ another tearjerker and ‘I’m Not Here’ which reminded me of Guided By Voices, among my favourites. But Hauntario is full of favourites and well worth a listen.” Scene

“The best moments on Hauntario easily outshine anything on the latest Son Volt record and whether that band is an intentional touchstone or not, the comparison is easy.” FFWD

“This sophomore album from Edmonton band The Wheat Pool is a throwback to the Neil Young-style of country-rock. The parallels are prevalent throughout Hauntario, from the echoing melodies and roving stories to The Wheat Pool’s unique brand of guitar playing. Hauntario shows that, similar to Young, The Wheat Pool only get better with time.” The Fulcrum

“Their indie-folk poetry certainly won’t wake you up on a Monday morning, but it delivers a bit of a kick to your heart and soul. Emotional and longing, the songs seem to call out from history. The album is all about the subtle details, with haunting pedal steel and detailed, story-like lyrics.” The Gauntlet

“The album’s title reflects the band’s ambition to win over the rest of Canada with the same authority it has built a solid fan base in the west. Hauntario proves it has the chops to succeed.” The Record

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