Gargantua Soul – Two Thousand Four (CD)

Gargantua Soul is a hard-rock/light metal band that mixes together Deftones, Clutch, Korn, and the like to make a rock stew. The recording on this demo is rough, but not too rough to make the disc unlistenable. However, the distortion on the guitars, which have the typical metal over-distorted crunch to them, are something that could and should have been changed before recording this CD. The songs, including the opening track “The Punisher” are virtual copies of tracks that one would find on hard rock radio, working itself between Disturbed and Entombed with all the ease in the world. “Me” begins with a line that seems to be right off a Korn album, keeping with the overall sound of the entire disc, but treading perilously close to Static-X and Union Underground territory. The bass makes its true debut on the track, plodding along against the distorted echo of the vocals. The tracks on the “Two Thousand Four” demo may not be the shining examples of originality, even between the tracks themselves, but Gargantua Soul has one thing going for them at all times: each track is catchy as fuck.

Gargantua Soul has the ability to write catchy lyrics, and that is definitely combined with their incredible musicianship, whether it be on a brutal guitar solo or an intricate as all get out drum solo. Gargantua Soul has the ability to make it big alongside those bands mentioned previously, but will probably not be well received by those individuals who positively, absolutely need their music to be original. G-Soul may go and make their tracks catchy enough to ignore all problems with the recording on the disc, but the cohesion mentioned earlier needs to be increased to a point where an individual can listen to any song by the band and know that it is Gargantua Soul playing or if it is any one of a hundred bands that are doing practically the same thing anywhere in the United States.

Two Thousand Four is a disc that I can put on when I am working on a paper as background music, but if I want to really feel challenged and excited by my music, I would have to find someone else to listen to. Two Thousand Four is a demo that shows a band at crossroads – if they go deep within themselves and find out who they are and apply it to their music, they will be an amazing act but if they just continue with what they are doing, largely showing influence instead of their own selves, they simply cannot go anywhere.

Top Track: Dig

Rating: 5.6/10

Gargantua Soul – Two Thousand Four / 2004 Self-Released / 5 Tracks / / / Reviewed 20 May 2004

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