On March 16th Jack’s Mannequin will release The Glass Passenger Deluxe Edition exclusively on iTunes.

The deluxe edition contains in full The Glass Passenger, In Valleys EP, The Ghost Overground albums, exclusive footage from the Fall 2009 Acoustic tour, and ten, never-before-heard, live tracks.

Track listing

1 Crashin’
2 Spinning
3 Swim
4 American Love
5 What Gets You Off
6 Suicide Blonde
7 Annie Use Your Telescope
8 Bloodshot
9 Drop Out – The So Unknown
10 Hammers And Strings (A Lullaby)
11 The Resolution
12 Orphans
13 Caves
14 Miss California
15 Holiday From Real (Live from SIR)
16 Kill The Messenger (Live from Rock Xentral)
17 Cell Phone
18 Sleazy Wednesday
19 At Full Speed
20 Into The Airwaves (Live from Orlando)
21 Crashin’ (Live from Omaha)
22 Annie Use Your Telescope (Live from St. Louis)
23 I’m Ready (Live from New York City)
24 Last Straw, AZ (Live from Orlando)
25 Hammers And Strings (Live from Austin)
26 Dark Blue (Live from Del Ray Beach)
27 Kill The Messenger (Live from Idaho Falls)
28 The Resolution (Live from Boston)
29 La La Lie (Live from Del Ray Beach)
30 Behind The Scenes with Jack’s Mannequin (Video)

Remaining U.S. Tour dates:

Mar 1

The Electric Factory

Philadelphia, PA
Mar 3

9:30 Club

Washington, DC
Mar 4

9:30 Club

Washington, DC
Mar 5

The Norva

Norfolk, VA

Leah-Carla Gordone – Dancing On The Dragon (CD)

Leah-Carla Gordone – Dancing On The Dragon / 2005 Butterfly Child / 11 Tracks / http://www.leahcarlagordone.com / jw162@att.net / Reviewed 26 December 2005

“Beauty” is a solid opening to “Dancing On The Dragon”, but ultimately suffers from the fact that it is stretched out to a time approximating six and a half minutes. Aside from the strong vocals from Gordone, there is a very impressive jazz horn solo that flitters through the track at all the great times. Tracks like “Rain Down” are much more sedate and seem to rely on an instrumental track that seems pulled straight out of the early nineties; compared to the opening fare on this disc, the song sounds unnecessarily meandering. The next actual “hit” for Gordone happens during “Get It Back”; a violin that mixes Irish and sixties lounge offers up a hook that really has not been heard before.

The added guitar, straight out of the Santana playbook seems a little tacked on but works nonetheless in the track. This same style of guitar occurs throughout “Dancing On The Dragon”, happening again during the overly-distorted “Let It Flow”. “Let It Flow” succeeds nicely when it comes to the dynamic tension on the disc, but suffers when this layer of distortion drapes itself over Gordone’s voice. The multiple vocal layers during “The Road” is perhaps the strongest innovation to be found on “Dancing On The Dragon”; it adds something that seems to be missing on the rest of the songs on the disc. Moving back to a slower tempo for “Let Yourself Fall”, the track seems stronger than “Rain Down” due to a smarter instrumentation on the part of Gordone’s act. The vocals on “Let Yourself Fall” are made stronger by the presence of a bass line that perfectly mimics the vocals of Gordone during the track.

“Let Yourself Fall” switches gears slightly when a funk-laden backdrop takes precedence in the second half of the track, but the momentum changes again when Gordone moves into the electronic-infused stylings of “Crystal Clear Infinity”. The different styles of music attempted on “Dancing On The Dragon” show that Gordone’s influences border on the esoteric, but one just cannot help but wonder if the album would not be more impressive if Gordone stuck with one or two genres. “Dancing On The Dragon” is a nice, innocuous album that has practically all of its eleven tracks crafted perfectly for the radio. Something is still missing from the batch of tracks that separates them from the rest of the pop music currently played on the radio.

Top Tracks: Soul Sister, Beauty

Rating: 4.9/10



Rock band Saving Abel teamed up with the USO for a weeklong USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour in the Persian Gulf. Busy visiting and performing for troops in Qatar and Kuwait, Saving Abel has entertained more than 3,500 troops so far and just finished filming their USO show at Camp Arifjan. Footage from the hi-energy USO show will be broadcast in early March with help from Ustream.


• As part of their eight-day, three-country USO tour to the combat zone, Saving Abel will visit eight military bases and perform seven concerts. Known for their radio-ready sound, memorable melodies and hard-hitting tracks, the band will also sign autographs, pose for photos and spend time with soldiers.

• Having entertained 1,750 troops in Kuwait, the group filmed their USO show at Camp Arifjan on February 23 and will provide viewers with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of USO entertainment in early March. With the help from Ustream, the concert will be picked up by MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites, and is dedicated to America’s armed forces and their families.

• Visit http://www.ustream.tv/savingabel and www.uso.org for concert updates.

• Students from St. Albert the Great School in Louisville, KY, created an assortment of cards and artwork, which Saving Abel have carried overseas and are hand delivering to troops in appreciation.

• This is Saving Abel’s first USO tour. The band has been eager to travel overseas for quite some time and have made multiple appearances on bases stateside.

• Avid supporters of the U.S. military, Saving Abel performed for troops in October ‘08 as part of MTV’s “A Night for Vets: An MTV Concert for the BRAVE.” Performing alongside such USO veterans as Kid Rock and Ludacris, the concert called for elected officials to provide veterans with better health care, mental-health treatment, job opportunities, housing assistance and compensation for serving longer due to stop-loss orders.

• Known for such songs as “Addicted,” 18 Days,” “Drowning (Face Down)”, Saving Abel was formed in Corinth, Mississippi in ’04.


Attributed to Saving Abel:
The safety, well-being and happiness of our nation’s troops have always been close to our hearts. And what better way to show them we care, than by traveling to the Persian Gulf on a USO tour and rocking out America’s soldiers. The USO has a rich history of delivering a touch of home to our men and women in uniform, and Saving Abel is honored to be apart of that legacy. We couldn’t do what we do everyday without them, and we are forever grateful.

Attributed to singer Jared Weeks:
No matter where we go or who we are playing in front of, we always make sure people know that from our perspective it is each and every one of their responsibilities to support our troops. They do so much for us, they deserve to be recognized. We have these freedoms because of what they do.

Attributed to Sloan Gibson, USO president and CEO:
America’s armed forces do more than defend our borders and protect us from harm, they sacrifice their lives for us 365 days a year and serve our nation proudly from all around world. Through USO tours like Saving Abel, the USO is able to give back to our nation’s troops by lifting their spirits and bringing smiles to their faces. We are thrilled to be working with Saving Abel and know that those in the Persian Gulf are in for a great treat.

Attributed to John Ham, Ustream founder and CEO, and Brad Hunstable, Ustream founder and president:
Ustream is a proud supporter and partner for this event with the USO and Saving Abel to provide entertainment for our brave soldiers abroad. Having served our country and graduated from West Point, this is a cause that’s near to us and we are honored to be a part of it. It’s great to see that the Ustream platform is being used in line with our founding vision to bring a one-to-many live streaming solution to everyone, everywhere.

Attributed to Jeanne Flower, St Albert The Great School Principal:
We are beyond excited to have Saving Abel deliver the childrens words of appreciation to the brave men and women overseas who continue to fight for us, and future generations to live in a free country.

Social Media and Other Web Sites:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/the_USO and www.twitter.com/savingabel
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theUSO and http://www.facebook.com/savingabel
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/savingabel
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/USO4troops and http://www.youtube.com/savingabel
Web: http://www.uso.org and http://www.savingabel.com/

About the USO
The USO (United Service Organizations) lifts the spirits of America’s troops and their families. We provide a touch of home through centers at airports and military bases around the world, top quality entertainment and innovative programs and services tailored to meet troop needs. We also provide critical support to those who need us most, including forward-deployed troops and their families, wounded warriors and their families, and the families of the fallen. The USO is a private, non-profit organization, not a government agency; we rely on the generosity of our donors. In addition to individual donors and other corporate sponsors, the USO is supported by Worldwide Strategic Partners AT&T Inc., BAE Systems, The Boeing Company, Clear Channel Communications, The Coca-Cola Company, Gallery Furniture, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation and TriWest Healthcare Alliance, as well as other corporate donors, including the United Way and Combined Federal Campaign (CFC-11381). We strive to deliver maximum benefit for troops and their families from every donor dollar.

“The Minstrel Cycle” – 1d4 Saving Throw Versus Evil

The Minstrel Cycle was formed in 2004 by five Mountain Dew-addled high school friends who played both rock music and Dungeons & Dragons, and thirsted for a way to fuse their passions. The theatricality of rock and the pageantry of the high fantasy genre could meet in a blessed union, loud guitars and heavy drums mingling with mandolins and flutes like dwarves and elves drinking mead together at a magical forest hoe-down.

Eventually, that vision fused with an art form that has long lay dormant in popular music: the “side-long” song, 23-minute epics found on 1970s albums by the likes of Yes, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, and Vangelis. “The Legend of the Book-Looker” is such an epic, telling the story of a young man who, dissatisfied with mundane reality, discovers the “Books of Lore”, ancient tomes filled with dark mysteries and thrilling tales. In the course of reading from the books, he is sucked in to one of the stories and finds himself recast as a scribe in a medieval village called to a dangerous quest: rescue his little sister from a Goblin lair. But the goblins are only a warm up, as the Book-Looker soon discovers a greater evil lurking in the shadows of his fair valley home: the hideous Nosferatu.

The Minstreal Cycle Promo Photo 2

Such an adventurous yarn is typical of The Minstrel Cycle’s songs, and of their lives. Tales from the Books of Lore is an album five years in the making. Recording commenced in spring 2004, followed by additional sessions in the next two years. The Minstrel Cycle was put on hiatus as drummer Evan Burrows and guitarist/keyboardist Steve Kozak focused on their other band, CAW! CAW!, through an EP release and several tours. Having honed their skills over the years, the members of the Minstrel Cycle rolled their polyhedral dice and went about recording their album in the same attics and basements where they had so often cast their spells of Friendship and Melf’s Acid Arrow, with similarly stunning results.

Tales from the Books of Lore is out now as part of Slanty Shanty Records’ Tape Club.


Nada Surf proudly announce that following their spring tour – where if i had a hi-fi will initially only be available for purchase at shows – they will release their forthcoming covers album on CD/LP and digitally June 8th via the bands own label, Mardev Records, with distribution through ADA. To give fans a preview of the new album Nada Surf are making their take on Bill Fox’s “Electrocution” available for free download. Nada Surf’s spring tour kicks off on March 25th with three sold-out New York shows, and concludes in late May with a performance at the 2010 Sasquatch Music Festival.

“Electrocution” is available for download at the link below.

if i had a hi-fi is full of inspired, unexpected choices: from avant-pop Kate Bush to underground power-pop classicist Dwight Twilley. There are some intriguingly obscure numbers, like Spanish band Mercromina’s “Evolution” and under-documented Bill Fox’s “Electrocution.” The as yet little known Fox, of Cleveland cult band The Mice, inspired local groups like Guided by Voices and Death of Samantha. Doug Gillard, who was in both of them, lends his highly evolved guitar skills to “Electrocution” as well as the Twilley and Go-Betweens songs.

That was another benefit of these sessions. Says lead singer and guitarist Matthew Caws, “It was a great excuse to have friends of ours sit in on something without having to wait another two years.” Guest players include Martin Wenk (Calexico), Phil Peterson (Kay Kay and the Weathered Underground), Joe McGinty (Losers Lounge, Psychedelic Furs) and Holly Miranda.

Tack Listing and Upcoming Tour Dates Below


if i had a hi-fi – Track List

Electrocution Bill Fox
Enjoy the Silence Depeche Mode
Love Goes On The Go-Betweens
Janine Arthur Russell
You Were So Warm Dwight Twilley
Love and Anger Kate Bush
The Agony of Laffitte Spoon
Bye Bye Beaute Coralie Clement
Question Moody Blues
Bright Side Soft Pack
Evolution Mercromina
I Remembered What I Was Going to Say The Silly Pillows

2010 Tour Dates:

* = w/ Dawn Landes and the Hounds
# = w/ Telekinesis

25 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom (“Let Go”) – SOLD OUT
26 – Brooklyn, NY – Bell House (“The Weight is a Gift”) – SOLD OUT
27 – Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg (“Lucky”) – SOLD OUT
29 – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace*
30 – Montreal, QC – Cabaret du Musee Juste Pour*
31 – Northampton, MA – Pearl Street*

01 – Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church*
02 – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club*
03 – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club*
13 – London, UK – ICA – SOLD OUT
14 – London, UK – ICA – SOLD OUT
15 – France – Printemps de Bourges Festival
17 – France – Strasbourg Artefact Festival
18 – Utrecht, Holland – Tivoli De Helling – SOLD OUT
19 – Brussels, Belgium – Botanique
20 – Koln, Germany – Gloria
21 – Lausanne, Switzerland – D! Club
23 – Zurich, Switzerland – Abart
24 – Vienna, Austria – WUK
25 – Prague, Czech Republic – Lucerna Music Bar
26 – Berlin, Germany – Lido
27 – Hamburg, Germany – Knust
28 – Paris, France – Trabendo
30 – Villagarcia de Arosa, Spain – Festival do Norte

01 – Murcia, Spain – SOS Festival
15 – Longirod, Switzerland – Long’l’rock Festival
24 – Solana Beach, CA – Belly Up Tavern #
25 – West Hollywood, CA – Troubadour #
27 – San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall #
29 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom #
30 – George, WA – Sasquatch Music Festival

Goons of Doom – The Story of Dead Barbie and Ghost (CD)

Goons of Doom – The Story of Dead Barbie and Ghost / 2006 Volcom / 16 Tracks / http://www.goonsofdoom.com / http://www.volcoment.com / Reviewed 02 October 2006

“Dope City in the UK” introduces individuals to the vocals of Goons of Doom, and luckily, this track is quick. The melodramatic vocals of “Dope City in the UK” are modified completely for “Bikey Zombie”, a track that is much more led by Iggy Pop than anything. The instrumental arrangement present during “Bikey Zombie” is something that is tremendously influenced by the surf rock of a Dick Dale. The falsetto vocals present on this track are a little annoying, but they make sense given the rest of the track. Ric Ocasek vocals are the soup du jour for “Broken Toe”.

The track has sixties as seen through the eyes of the eighties sound to it, even as the simplicity of the arrangements are a blend of the Beach Boys and The Replacements. The one thing that would help out Goons of Doom from the start of the disc would have to be the syncopation of a number of the tracks on “The Story of Dead Barbie and Ghost”. If about a half minute or minute were snipped off of each of these songs, the tracks would have a Ramones like urgency and the chance that Goons of Doom would have a dud on their hands would dramatically decrease.

With the style of rock that Goons of Doom are playing on this disc, there is no reason that they should be surpassing the three minute mark with any of their tracks. When Goons of Doom break away from the more classic style of earlier tracks and crank up the guitars for “VD”, this rule can be removed, but very few tracks have the teeth that “VD” have. For example, the title track meanders around for well over three minutes, and the guitars just do not have the fire necessary to keep individuals interested throughout its runtime. Just as is the case with the Hot Mute album reviewed tonight, there are just too many tracks on this album. What would help Goons of Doom out would be to cut four or five of these songs (the title track and “My Song” for example) and the resulting lean album would be much more impressive to listeners. I can understand the desire to have a ton of material for your fans, but the use of this extra material decreases when it is not the best that one can commit to a disc.

Top Tracks: VD, Fingered

Rating: 5.1/10


Savoir Adore announce US Tour Dates this March and into SXSW.

Even in a scene as vibrant as Brooklyn’s, Savoir Adore creates something entirely unique and exciting with its addictively lush slant on pop music. As an experimental-pop collective, they paint songs with imagery and imagination while making fans out of the most cynical of critics.

Principal members Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro never imagined they would be getting so much attention, from either the blogosophere or A&R scouts. The band originated purely for fun in 2007, when the two multi-instrumentalist songwriters challenged each other to make a concept album in one weekend. This recording ended up being their first EP, The Adventures of Mr. Pumpernickel and the Girl with Animals in her Throat.

After their first foray in the studio, the duo continued to create music constantly. “Their songwriting now seems inspired by the musical chemistry Muro and Hammer had upon meeting; it is a chemistry which is kicking and stronger than ever” (Obscure Sound). According to Deidre, “having access to a studio workspace, surrounding ourselves with all kinds of instruments, a brand new collaborative partnership – all of these elements formed a basis of experimentation that became the essence of Savoir Adore.”

Their instinctive approach to songwriting combines varied personal influences with their a “recording-while-writing” technique, which NPR considers “magical.” Says This Week In New York: “[their] pure pop delights and sweet instrumental-heavy tunes.. walk the fine line between nature and technology.” The Cantora Records issue of their full-length debut album, In The Wooded Forest (Cantora Records), created further buzz and the enthusiasts have steadily followed.

“Definitely one of my bands to watch” – Brooklyn Vegan

“One of 8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear” – L Magazine

“10 Musicians to watch in 2010 – The Best Kept Secret” – NY Post

“Savoir Adore are one of these bands who have proved themselves serious contenders for the title of ‘Most
Underrated Band in Brooklyn’” – Free Williamsburg

But Savoir Adore doesn’t just live in the studio – they have received serious credibility for their full-band live shows, winning over fans and press with their innate musical “energy, precision and beauty” (Channel 3000), delivering the full spectrum of their recordings with a five-member live line-up.

Savoir Adore US Tour dates:

3/4 – PRINCETON UNIVERSITY – Terrace F Club (11pm) *
3/5 – PITTSBURGH, PA – Howler’s (9pm) *
3/6 – CINCINATTI, OH – Mayday (9pm) *
3/8 – BLOOMINGTON, IN – The Bishop (8pm) *
3/9 – LOUISVILLE, KY – Zanzabar (9pm) *
3/10 – LEXINGTON, KY – Al’s Bar ( 9pm) *
3/12 – NASHVILLE, TN – The End (10pm) *
3/13 – NEW ORLEANS, LA – Dragons Den (10pm) *
3/17 – SXSW – TBA
3/18 – SXSW – Sitcom Serf Party @ Fado (6pm)
3/19 – SXSW – Cantora Records Official Showcase @ Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room (11pm)
3/20 – SXSW – WXPN/This Side Up Party @ Red Eyed Fly (12pm)
3/22 – HOUSTON, TX – Walters on Washington (10pm) *
3/24 – CHAPEL HILL, NC – Nightlight (9pm) *
3/25 – WASHINGTON DC – Velvet Lounge (8pm) *
3/26 – NEW JERSEY COLLEGE w/ Love Like Deloreans (5pm)
3/27 – BROOKLYN, NY – Brooklyn Bowl w/ The Grates (8pm)
* w/ Mon Khmer

Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan (4.02% ABV)

While we have had a few nut and brown ales over the course of our post-21 years, I feel that the Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale put out by Lazy Magnolia is one of the beast efforts that we have tasted in the style. The label itself is fairly nondescript, blending tan with brown lettering, while the beer’s color is rendered invisible by the brown color of the bottle. Continue reading “Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan (4.02% ABV)”

New clip from “Blood Into Wine” features Bob Odenkirk

As the film Blood Into Wine opens in a slew of new cities this week a new clip from the movie featuring Bob Odenkirk has surfaced. Blood Into Wine is the documentary that relays the story of Tool/Puscifer front man Maynard James Keenan and his vineyard partner Eric Glomski’s quest to bring notoriety and credibility to Arizona winemaking. The film also stars Milla Jovovich, Patton Oswalt, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (Tim & Eric Awesome Show).


The first week screenings of the movie sold out with theaters adding additional last minute showings. Filmcritic.com called the film a rock version of Sideways. San Diego CityBeat said “It’s a behind-the-curtain peek at a notoriously publicity-shy celebrity, but more than that, it’s a fascinating look at pioneers braving the Arizona elements to create drinkable art” and the Arizona Republic said “… the film captures something deeper than winemaking.”

Upcoming Screenings:

AZ – Phoenix – Feb. 26 to Mar. 4 – Harkins Valley Art Theater
AZ – Tucson – Apr. 28 – The Loft Cinema (with Director’s Q&A)
CA – Los Angeles – Feb. 25 to 28 – Laemmle Sunset
CA – San Francisco – Feb. 25 – Viz Cinema (SOLD OUT)
CA – San Francisco – Feb. 26 – ATA
CA – Santa Cruz – Apr. 1 – Rio Theatre
GA – Atlanta – Mar. 4 – Fox Theatre
IA – Davenport – Feb. 26 – Capitol Theatre
IN – Shelbyville – Apr. 9 – The Strand Theatre
MA – Boston – Feb. 26 to 28 – Somerville Theatre
MA – Salem – Mar. 12 to 18 – Cinema Salem
MN – Minneapolis – Mar. 4 – Riverview Theatre
NM – Albuquerque – Mar. 13 – Guild Cinema
TN – Nashville – Mar. 17 to 20 – Belcourt Theatre
UT – Salt Lake City – Mar. 5 to 11 – Tower Theatre

The Goons of Doom – Bikey Zomby (CD)

The Goons of Doom – Bikey Zomby / 2005 Volcom / 5 Tracks / http://www.purevolume.com/goonsofdoom / http://www.volcoment.com / Reviewed 13 September 2005

It makes tremendous sense that Ozzie Wright, a professional surfer, would create The Goons of Doom, who start out their “Bikey Zomby” with the surf-influenced “She Wore Rat Skin Boots”. The amount of Dick Dale-esque riffs tends to almost overwhelm listeners, but luckily enough are couched behind some funky guitar lines. The second track on “Bikey Zomby” (Blood On The Streets) is more of a stylistic continuation of “Rat Skin Boots”, but this slight amount of ennui is largely diminished by the presence of the 77-punk riffs (and Rancid-like vocals) of “Napalm”. While a full length is coming out in the near future, one of the most major problems with “Bikey Zomby” is just that there is not much in the way of diver music to chew on. Sure, the disc may end on “Long Haircut”, a track in which Ozzie really takes on an Iggy Pop-type of vocals but the rest of the tracks present on the EP are either too short or a repetition of the same style that had already been showcased (“Rat Skin Boots” and “Blood On The Streets” provide a perfect example of that).

To be honest, “Long Haircut” is the meat and potatoes of this disc, as the track’s extended track length really allows the band to experiment with arrangements, which are finally given enough time to evolve into something quite different from those that open the track. However odd it may seem, the dual harmonies present on the later part of “Long Haircut” simultaneously recall early Goo Goo Dolls and Bauhaus while still holding some section of the Iggy Pop style that opened the track. The fact that the band can suffer on a track that is only two and a half minutes (in “Blood On The Streets” and succeed so brilliantly on a ten-minute plus track (Long Haircut) really should be a wake-up call for this band, something that should tell them that experimentation can be their friend.

While the disc started out with a track that seemed a little too close to The Hives and The Vines, the following tracks really give The Goons of Doom a different sound from pretty much any band out currently. The full-length album (which is due out in 2006) will be interesting, as The Goons of Doom are not a band that sticks with any one style for the entirety of this EP. Whether or not the band will coalesce the sound into one or two distinct styles or continue to be diverse will really determine whether the full length will succeed.

Top Track: Long Haircut

Rating: 5.6/10