Alex Gomez – Warm Sensations (CD)

Alex Gomez – Warm Sensations

Alex Gomez – Warm Sensations / 2006 Self / 10 Tracks / / Reviewed 11 October 2006

The overbearing distortion that starts up “Bayou City” is intended by Gomez to create a certain feel to the track, much like early Van Halen, but what happens more often than not during thiis track is that Gomez’s distortion obscures Gomez eirself. This distortion does not fade away or become less prevalent during the entirety of the first full track, and this gaffe may be enough for individuals t return the CD right then and there. The distortion is still present during “Sookie Sookie Sheila”, but the vocals are a little more clear this go around. The one thing that Gomez needs to do regardless is just increase eir vocals on this track. As it is right now, they are much too low to hear more than 20 or 25% of the time. For each of the ten cuts on this disc, Gomez adds a few common threads.

The rock meets honky-tonk sound is something that is present throughout, as well as the same warbly voice that hits listeners time and time again on “Warm Sensations”. Couple that with a train wreck of a track like “Girls Go Wild”, which has constructs (guitar arrangements) that make the disc sound as if it is skipping. There is nothing in the way of innovation to be had on “Warm Sensations”. Each subsequent track here is more of the same; Gomez may know how to play eir guitar, but one would never be able to hear that with all of the annoying distortion that ey hides eir riffs behind. I have an idea for Gomez; take off all the distortion and allow yourself to shine. Obviously, you have some talent. Even if you must have a little distortion, just go and turn your vocals up.

If you just do something as small as that, the overall sound of the disc would change so much. You would then have a decent album on your hands. As it is right now, most of what individuals can hear is warbling and noise. Maybe there could even be some use of adding a drummer and bassist to the mix, to create a more full sound. However, the individual/guitar thing can work, if things are a little more balanced. Mr. Gomez, I look forward to listening to the follow-up to this album. Let’s hope that ey takes some of the suggestions made in this CD review to heart.

Top Tracks: Valerie, Guitar Man

Rating: 2.5/10


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