French Indie Pop Sensation SLIIMY Arrives Stateside For SXSW

It’s fitting that both the word “unique” and 20-year-old Sliimy (Yanis Sahraoui) are French. With his tumble of colors and curls, moods and manners and styles and eras, Sliimy embodies the essence of uniqueness. His debut studio album, Paint Your Face, zips and darts between mournful ballads and exuberant pop-funk, executed with a blend of childlike glee and energy to spare. His unique style can even be found within the art design for Paint Your Face. Check Morris, best known for his work with Lily Allen, designed the fold-out collage, which features a riot of shapes, fabrics and colored textures. Meant to represent the inner workings of Sliimy’s thought processes, it’s clearly a busy, slightly baffling place, that’s capable of balancing the tightrope of soaring highs and searing sorrow. Happy’s the word. Sad’s another. Sliimy’s got both bases covered.

He will also be arriving stateside for SXSW with a showcase March 18th at The Aquarium.

Check out the video for title track, “Paint Your Face”:

Paint Your Face is available now via Itunes or showoff your own unique style by getting the Sliimy Music Tee (

Artist: Sliimy
Album: Paint Your Face
Release: Digitally Available NOW
Label: Warner Bros. Records

Upcoming Show
March 17th – Austin, TX: The Aquarium

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