The Locals – Salt (CD)

“Sound It Out” is a track that provides a solid amount of energy with an ear for pop arrangements, allowing a wide swath of listeners a proper introduction to The Locals. Each element of the band hits hard, whether it the alluring vocals put forth, the splashing and all-encompassing drums, or the harmonies achieved by the guitar. Despite The Locals packing up shop on “Sound It Out” well before the song’s fourth minute, there is a fullness present here that rivals even that of six and seven minute epics. “Amnesia” immediately changes things up with intricate vocal harmonies and indie-fueled instrumental arrangements.

While listeners can hear some semblance of the pop sensibilities first broached with “Sound It Out”, one can definitely hear early influences of city-mates The Smashing Pumpkins. White the vocals are front and center during “Amnesia”, the increased intensity of the drums as they end a stanza puts this track into a realm that contains acts like early Goo Goo Dolls and The Replacements. “Everything Must Go” brings back a little of the poppier strains of The Locals, with a set of vocals that take on equal amounts of Stevie Nicks and Suzanne Vega.

Despite the fact that there is a little more sedate of a sound present here than an Anniversary or even Blink 182, I feel that The Locals light up each track on “Salt” with an energy that parallels that of early punk artists. There may only be four tracks on this EP, but I have no doubt that The Locals will continue to rock out and impress individuals over the course of an LP. Buy “Salt” and see where exactly the road takes the band in the next year; the frenetic energy held in each track will make seeing this band live something amazing.

Top Track: Everything Must Go

Rating: 8.6/10

The Locals – Salt / 2010 Self / 4 Tracks /

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