Bellflur to release new album, “asleep.asleep.” featuring guests from Deleted Scenes, Exitclov.

Bellflur, a long-time presence in Washington, DC scene, has been acclaimed for years for its fierce stage performance and knack for making odd musical tendencies seem comprehensible to listeners of all genres. The band’s upcoming album “asleep.asleep.” is a profound step forward for the band, demonstrating more controlled grandness and accessibility without being “accessible.”

“asleep.asleep.” was produced and recorded by Bellflur over the course of two and a half years and introduces a more vocal and dynamically challenging side of the band, with far more substantive instrumentation and orchestration than heard previously. Bellflur enlisted several contributors from fellow DC acts to help realize this vision including members of Deleted Scenes, Exit Clov, Pree, Le Loup, and Meredith Bragg. Already, songs from the record have garnered comparisons to acts such as TV on the Radio, Sigur Ros, and Battles – comparisons the band finds fitting.

Additionally, Bellflur has been likened to everything from Radiohead to a Salvador Dali painting, but whatever the comparison, the band has progressed by sculpting something unique and unapologetic. With a growing chatter about the Bellflur’s symphonic live shows and the press accolades already coming in for its new album, Bellflur has managed to push past its self-proclaimed shyness and closer to national recognition. “asleep.asleep.” will be self-released by the band’s own Sad Sewer Alligator label on June 8, 2010, with distribution by Baltimore-based Morphius Distribution.

Bellflur Live

06/05 Richmond, VA @ The Camel

06/12 New York, NY @ Parkside Lounge

07/15 Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar

07/30 Brooklyn, NY @ Southpaw

07/31 Baltimore, MD @ The Windup Space

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