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Piney Gir Releases “Gold Rules” Video

The London-dwelling, Kansas-born indie pop artist Piney Gir says, “Gold Rules is a reminder to all to live in the moment. Sometimes it’s better to be a grasshopper than an ant and seize the day instead of storing for winter all the time, because what are you waiting for; what if winter never comes? You can’t take it with you! I tried to create this sort of grungy choir of…

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Pax Vaporizer by Ploom Review

The vaporizer is one of the most simple that we have had the chance to review. Where there are a number of settings or other steps (filling the product, ratcheting in the correct temperature), all one needs to do when it comes to the Pax Vaporizer is charge it up and to place the herbal blend into the product.

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HE IS WE Kick Off Their First National Tour with Bobby Long

Jun 23 The Space (Chicago, IL) Jun 24 The Basement (Columbus, OH) Jun 26 Mixtape Venue (Grand Rapids, MI) Jun 28 Firebird (St. Louis, MO) Jun 29 Record Bar (Kansas City, MO) Jul 03 El Corazon (Seattle, WA) Jul 04 Backstage Bar (Vancouver, BC) Jul 06 Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco, CA) Jul 07 Anthology (San Diego, CA) Jul 08 Wasted Space (Las Vegas, NV) Jul 09 Troubador (Los…

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Khold – Krek (CD)

Khold is currently on hiatus, which sucks. However, the music that was recorded for “Krek” shows the band at a slightly happier time. The fury in which the band drenches their compositions on “Krek” is something new for most metal fans, as the band during tracks like “Blod Og Blek” uses a very sludgy sound to get their point across. Khold thus comes forward with a new hybrid of metal…

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Khierstin – Lost In This (CD)

Khierstin used to be a teenage model, and this fact really makes sense when one hears the opening strains of the title track. What comes forth is an inoffensive, innocuous brand of pop music that is vocally-led, so much so that the instrumentation present is pushed to the background. Each of the tracks on “Lost In This” sounds similar to what has been common fare in popular music – that…

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Kharisma – Demo (CD)

From Italy, Kharisma play a style of muted punk that has a definite eye towards the early nineties subset of punk rock. Starting out their demo disc with their theme song, “Kharisma” has compelling vocals laid down by GD, but a pretty weak electric guitar holds Kharisma back from really achieving their potential. This lack of guitar energy is endemic to the entire disc, and really is something to be…

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Khanate – Capture & Release

I forget, is a two track album a proclamation to the world that the band feels that they can hang in with such storied acts as Klaus Schultze and Jethro Tull, or does it just say that the band is a bunch of pretentious assholes? One thing that can be said about bands that use such drawn out tracks (the shorter of the two tracks is still a shade over…

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Kevin Goes 2 College – Always Never The Same (CD)

I should have guessed when the first track on “Always Never The Same”, “Tree of Night” started up, that this band had been around for a few years as it contained some of the most solid instrumentation that I’ve ever heard from a ska band. Every part of this eight-piece is given equal time on this disc, and one can hear drums ,brass, bass, and guitars all kicking in behind…

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Kate Kennedy – Circle, Spiral, Line (CD)

Kate Kennedy plays a very guitar-heavy type of looking-back rock. The new-folk of a track like “The Blues Are Exhausted” has Kennedy singing in the vein of Suzanne Vega and other nineties alternative singers, as the acoustic guitars play a folk-style that screams 2006 looking back at 1936. The guitars play interesting harmonies during “The Blues Are Exhausted”, and this is only helped by the inclusion of percussion during the…

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Paula Kelley – Some Sucker’s Life Part I (CD)

The echoing of Kelley’s vocals during “High Boots” is interesting. The rarities aspect of this disc means that the tracks are collected through the entirety of Kelley’s life. The production of some of these tracks are a little suspect, but one can hear early that Kelley has an ear for this music. One of the things that individuals can see immediately with “Some Sucker’s Life” is that the tracks are…