Death Metal has grown weak and soft… with the infiltration of hard-core breakdowns; gravity blasts, emo singing, and MTV saturated “fashion agenda”…what a sad affair when Death Metal becomes another genre of “POP MUSIC!”

IBEX MOON RECORDS would like to invite the True Death Metal Elite to a series of select dates across the United States of America! A Tour designed for the sole purpose of taking Death Metal back to its roots, a time when metal wasn’t a fashion statement and Death Metal came from some place much more sinister and far more deadly!

John McEntee, IBEX MOON RECORDS label mastermind & Guitarist/Vocalist for Death Metal legends INCANTATION had this to say about the campaign. “With all the trends in Metal these days and all these fest type tours that mostly only highlight the flavor of the month bands. We wanted to
put together a tour with 3 strong Death Metal bands that all in their own right have proven themselves to be true warriors of death!!! Each band has forged their own legacy by being 100% true to themselves and it shows with their intense live performances. This is the time to take back our underground scene and show your support to some of Death Metal’s top extreme bands. Death Metal is Eternal Under the Ibex Moon.”

“Some may call this movement the New Wave of Old School Death Metal or NWOSDM, well F**K THAT BULLS**T! There is no “New Wave” in Death Metal! We have never stopped hailing the olden way! The trendwhores have tried to take over our sacred music and call it “Death Metal”, but we are taking it back with extreme force! This tour is one of the battles we wage in our war, the posers shall be cleansed!!!” states Mike Abominator, vocalist for California’s Metal of Death Merchants GRAVEHILL.

Coming from a town with such Death Metal legends like MASTER and CIANIDE, Guitarist/Vocalist Adam “Deathrot” Scott of Chicago’s CARDIAC ARREST elaborate on their involvement in these dates of death! “We look forward to storming the U.S., spreading Death Metal hell to all who attend, and a slow horrible death to some hipster dorks… but that’s another case. We shall ROT together!!!”

The Texas Cult known as HOD are here to kill you one decibel at a time! ”What’s happened to the Death Metal scene is exactly what happened to America. Once discipline turned into abuse, America bred a generation of emotional, panty-waist, white leather wearing pussies! We’ve allowed these mouth breathing vermin to run gaily through our scene spewing their unoriginal garbage all over the f**king planet calling it “Death Metal” and the dogs eat it up like the vomit that it is! Well it’s all over! With this tour the TRUE Metal Underground is taking back Death Metal and impaling the posers, you can’t f**kin’ stop US!!!” claims vocalist Vladibeer Reebs!

16 Dates and 16 Cities… Death to those who oppose us!!!

In other GRAVEHILL news…

Founding Member and Drummer for GRAVEHILL (Rhett “THORGRIMM” Davis – MORGION, KEEN OF THE CROW, and CRIMSON RELIC) had this statement regarding the new 666-Stringer joining the GRAVEHILL touring ranks… “With the set back made in the departure of guitarist ZYKLON-A, we felt that we really need to up the ante in the GRAVEHILL ILLUMINATI! We placed ad’s, ran some press (as much as we could?) and inquired with a few band-brothers on filling the position for this tour. Of all the guitarists contacted I expected this guy to tell me to go fuck myself! I guess a strange twist of fate happened and he actually agreed to take on the 666 String Raids for GRAVEHILL (THE FOOL!), his name without further a due is… Matt “HELLFIEND” Harvey (EXHUMED, DEKAPITATOR, and REPULSION fame). Matt and I have been pals for many years and tried on a few occasions to do band projects together, so I guess we got the chance after all! So any of you f**ks ready to see Hellfiend don the spikes and blood and head-bang to the METAL OF DEATH … here’s your chance, you’ve been warned mother**kers!!!”

Matt “HELLFIEND” Harvey had this to say about his new found position behind the 666-Strings of GRAVEHILL… “I’ve been a fan of GRAVEHILL since Rhett/THORGRIMM gave me the “Practitioners of Fell Sorcery” demo years ago, and the timing for the tour worked out perfectly, so I had to get on board. I’m psyched to hop in the van with these maniacs and spread the gospel of real Death Metal!!! Faces will be melted and poseurs will be slaughtered, so come out and rage with us this July!”

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