GiTAR offers a complete and scathing pop culture commentary on “STUFFED.”

Scheduled for release on June 8th, 2010 by Seeland Records, the label owned by legendary culture-jammers, Negativland, GiTAr’s “STUFFED” has the potential to make you more than you are without it. GiTAr members Ellipse Elkshow and I Cut People were raised in Evansville, Indiana, home to major polluters, factories, cancer statistics, pharmaceutical manufacturing and a test town for new products cooked up by various fast food giants.

In that cold war, post genocide, post slavery, post Vietnam climate of arrogance, ignorance and inter-cultural conflict, the Media (that’s YOU!) became the loudest voice on the planet. Television, movies, radio, theater, newspapers, magazines, books, records, CDs, billboards, followed by the internet, gave rise to a gruesome and unimaginably vast ocean of violently conflicting information, ideas and communications.

One dark day in 2006 something snapped and the two childhood friends put powdered sugar on their noses, grabbed a guitar and decided to begin the most important balls-out sonic and visual assault that Civilization has ever freaking encountered – under the guise of GiTAr, no less. Eventually they both left the death trap and moved to the West Coast, where they began collaborating on an endless barrage of visual, sonic and improvisational projects.

There is love and hate encapsulated in GiTAr’s work, as well as social satire and an astute condensation of the brutal irony of our social, political and physical existence. To be smarter than the Experts, hipper than the Hippest Hipster, fantastically famous, rolling in money and undeniably sextractive, obviously, you’ll need this album. “STUFFED,” by GiTAr; It comes in a compact disc, with FREE face-eating, mind-blowing artwork by GiTAr.




(Seeland Records)

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