Projektfest’10 • July 30 & 31

Projekt is America’s premier independent record label specializing in passionately intense music in the darkwave, shoegaze, ethereal, ambient & darkCabaret genres. Begun 27 years ago in 1983, and releasing its 245th CD in 2010, Projekt presents a vast collection of beautifully spellbinding masterpieces.

The successful Projekt Festival (previously held in ’96, ’97, ’98, ’02 & ’07) returns July 30 & 31 to Philadelphia; the fest is an opportunity for fans and bands to meet and celebrate the music they love.

Appearing at Projektfest’10 are label-founder Sam Rosenthal’s Black Tape For A Blue Girl, early label pioneers Lovesliescrushing and Unto Ashes, along with new signees Makaras Pen, The Twilight Garden and WEEP (the return to music of Doc Hammer, co-writer of the Adult Swim show The Venture Bros.).

Past festivals have seen 1000 attendees, many drove or flew from around the country to attend. In fact, just last week we sold a pair of tickets to a couple in Anchorage, Alaska! The Projektfest is definitely a nationwide draw, and can be a good story for any region of the country.

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