Assume the fetal position; WARVICTIMS’ Domedagen is about to pay you a decidedly unfriendly visit. On offer are fourteen new tracks from Sweden’s masters of D-beat, Käng and Rå-punk. This is pure raging D-beat raw punk in the true Scandinavian tradition. No doubt about it; Domedagen contains WARVICTIMS’ best material yet.

WARVICTIMS started out as a kängproject by Sylen and Jocke in 2006. The basic idea then

was, and still is, to play d-beat käng the way it was done around ’95 here in Sweden and mix that with a touch of the American style which was tearing it up “over there” around the same period of time in the ’90s. Due to the lack of people in our hometown who want to play this kind of

music we have asked friends to help us out on recordings. However, since 2007 Per (Giftgasattack, Acursed, Dödsdömd) is also a full member of WARVICTIMS. Drummers

are always a problem to find, and we have used a couple during the years, but Klas (Dödsdömd,

Tristess, Greed) is responsible for the d-beat on most of our recordings, so he’s a part of the band

too nowadays. We’ve never played live, but want to, so hopefully we will be able to in a not so

distant future.

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