The debut single from My Jerusalem ‘Love You When You Leave’ is already receiving airplay on both BBC2 and BBC6 radio.

‘Love You When You Leave’ is a wonderfully knowing, bittersweet love song of sorts in which bassist Ashley Dzerigian plays Nancy Sinatra to Jeff’s Lee Hazelwood, the affair clocking in at a succinct 2.15. ‘It was one of the first songs we recorded as a band”, Jeff enthuses, “Everyone huddled in the living room with 2 microphones, except the drums which were in the kitchen of the apartment across the hall with a million wires and cables connecting us. This was also the first time Ashley ever sang on any recordings ever. I love her voice.”

“I didn’t actually start out thinking of forming a band,” Jeff says. “I’d played with all of them at different times, and I was like, ‘How great would it be to play with all of these people at the same time?’ And then when we did, it made perfect sense for that to be what we do. We clicked immediately.

The recently coalesced collective met through critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Jeff Klein, who played with each of them in his travels as a solo artist. Jeff met guitarist Dave Rosser, a touring member of the Twilight Singers through producer, Mike Napolitano. Bassist Ashley Dzerigian was in Great Northern and toured withEd Harcourt. Drummer Cully Symington was in bands like Cursive and Bishop Allen and tracked the Gutter Twins album. Rick Nelson, who plays violin, viola, cello and keyboards in the band, is a longtime member of the Polyphonic Spree and St. Vincent. Matt Bricker, also a member of the Polyphonic Spree, had been playing with The Low Lows.

The new band is of no fixed genre, approaching each song individually to see what they can bring to it and pull out if it. “It’s actually the most exciting time in my life. It actually reminded me why I like doing what I do. I had my finger cut off and reattached, quit smoking and lost a bunch of weight,” Jeff laughs, “I’ve earned myself a band.”

A full My Jerusalem tour in Europe is promised for later in the year. Gone For Good will be released in Europe by One Little Indian Records.

You can download the album here:

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