Municipal Waste – Hazardous Mutation (CD)

After the introduction, “Unleash The Bastards” starts off Municipal Waste’s latest album “Hazardous Mutation”., The clarity in which Municipal Waste works may be the most shocking thing about the band, far outstripping the speed and intensity that this thrash act puts forth on every track of “Hazardous Mutation”.

There are hints of “Rust in Peace”-era Megadeth, D.R.I., and much more present in the Waste’s style, but the inclusion of the aforementioned clarity to thrash music may be the hallmark of the band. Tracks are by no means long (with most of the songs being done and over with by the two-minute mark), but this does not mean they go by quietly. In fact, Municipal Waste crams in four or five minutes of a typical metal song in the two minute tracks that are the norm during “Hazardous Mutation”. There is just not any bullshit to be found in Municipal Waste’s music; individuals can still pump their fists and sing along, albeit for a shorter time than most typical, bloated metal acts. The production, as was previously mentioned, is something that will immediately shock listeners to “Hazardous Mutation”. Furthermore, songs like “Blood Drive” move beyond the pure metal of previous tracks and allow for a “Got The Time” (Anthrax) type of circle pit/thrash style to dominate, even if the track does not get even over the minute and a fourth mark.

“Hazardous Mutation” shows an evolution of the sound that got so many listeners hooked during albums like “Waste Em All”; what the band has done with the guitar and drum arrangements on this album is move them from the realm of impressive to extraordinary. The fury in which the band operates is unsurpassed, but so is the moderation that the band exerts with every song on “Hazardous Mutation”; with this new-found maturity, this may just be the best metal-related album of the year. This is an album that is just tailored for long car trips, as the disc can spin through a number of times and individuals will still be dissecting it, al while going 100+ miles an hour, tapping to the beat. Do more than just listen to the album; “Unleash The Bastards” is now a video, so request the shit out of it and see it be played on rotation on shows that still support metal – even Headbanger’s Ball! Here’s to hoping that the Waste continues on with their earth –shattering career.

Top Tracks: Unleash the Bastards, Blood Drive

Rating: 8.7/10

Municipal Waste – Hazardous Mutation / 2006 Earache / 14 Tracks / / / Reviewed 08 April 2006


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