The Nova Dream Sequence – Interpretations (CD)

There are very few bands or acts that can get away with just sequentially naming their tracks. Bracket was one of the first bands to show me that one does not have to be an egotistical jackass to do this, as their “Requiem” was a solid disc throughout. Was “Interpretation” going to be an album that is full of egotistical bull, or something much more mind-blowing.

This is a King Britt project; individuals might know King Britt for eir solo career or eir work in acts like Oba Funke and Sylk 130. The music is electronic mixed with a heavy dollop of funk and soul. The one thing that becomes evident when a listener puts in “Interpretations” is that some of the tracks find their way into a rut and cannot find their way out. This is shown during Dreams like 7. While some may just claim that is how King Britt is ending the track, it seems as if ey is prematurely ending the track over a minute before the curtains close on the track. If individuals are looking the hottest in dance tracks, chances are that they might want to keep looking after they see “Interpretations”. This is much more of a journey that individuals should take instead of rapid-fire, easily-forgettable tracks. The arrangements of the instrumentation on the disc are the focal point, and even when there are vocals (as is the case during Dream 8), the vocals are never the only thing to listen to with The Nova Dream Sequence.

For those individuals that have ingested a heap-load of drugs and just want to zone out with some fine tunes for a decent amount of time, “Interpretations” will be a smart purchase. The style of the tracks on the disc seem to scream late nineties for me, but that does not mean in any sense that what The Nova Dream Sequence is doing is dated in the least. The repetitions of certain musical phrases and parts of tracks will be too much for a large segment of the populace, but will not be to those that can dig a trance album. King Britt expands eir musical horizons during this disc, and for those that were Britt fans before this album came out, a purchase is necessarily in order. Give it a listen first, to see if it is something that is up your alley.

Top Tracks: Dream 4, Dream 12

Rating: 5.5/10

The Nova Dream Sequence – Interpretations / 2006 Compost / 15 Tracks / / / Reviewed 07 October 2006


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