Reader’s Digest – Untold Secrets of the Civil War (DVD)

There have been a tremendous number of different pieces, works, and other films done since the advent of television that looks to provide a decent amount of coverage of America’s Civil War. However, due to time restrictions or ideological leanings of the work’s creator, a great many of these collections have been limited in one sense or another. Questar has created a DVD set that looks to solve a great deal of these problems. At nearly 1100 minutes (19 hours), there is no side to the conflict that is not given adequate treatment. This six-DVD set attempts to provide some coordination to this sheer amount of film, giving DVDs titles like “Gettysburg and Stories of Valor” and “Horses of Gettysburg”.

The video quality is superb given the age of the materials and the possibility of dryness in regards to the different interviews that are conducted. For my money, I would have to point to the first two DVDs of the set. These DVD provide viewers with previously unseen documentaries about the union and confederacy, which break out lost and other forgotten first-hand materials from those that contributed to the conflict.

At a price point well under $50, there is no reason that this DVD title should not be picked up as a gift or other present for someone that is interested in the Civil War, or somebody that would like to increase the amount of knowledge that they have about it. With the sheer amount of material that is here, viewers should expect to take the course of a month or two completing it. Here’s to hoping that Questar continues to release these collections for different conflicts and wars in the near future.

Rating: 9.0/10

Reader’s Digest – Untold Secrets of the Civil War (DVD) / 2011 Questar / 1083 Minutes /

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