Detroit 874 (Pants)

It seems that pants are not made to last. They may be able to stay together over the course of a year, but they will lose a button, tear, or otherwise become unwearable. However, we received a pair of pants in Dickies’ Detroit 874 that should seriously be considered by anyone that wants a well-made yet fashionable pair.

With all the talk of American-made, I believe that few actually know that Dickies are made in the US. Containing tough fabric and equally resilient red stitching, the Detroit 874 pants will take considerable abuse. While these pants are marketed and are designed for manual labor, I feel that a case can be made for the Detroit 874 to be worn as a pair of semi-formal slacks. With the crisp folds and smartly-designed legs (not baggy and not skinny jeans-level), the Detroit 874 works admirably no matter what situation an individual may be in.

Make sure to pick up a pair of the Detroit 974 pants from the Dickies website. They have an entire host of different sizes (from a waist of 28 all the way out to 52, while ranging their inseams from 30 to 36), along with free standard shipping. Along with the Detroit 874 and their normal pant lines, the Dickies website also contains a number of different accessories, shoes, shirts, and the like. The Detroit 874 will last a few good years no matter how rigorous the routine an individual has, all while disguising dirt, grime, oil, and the like. For a limited time only, buy a pair of the Detroit 874 pants from the Dickies site, use the free standard shipping mentioned above, and Dickies will donate a pair of the Original 874 Work Pants to the Salvation Army of Metro Detroit.

Rating: 9.0/10

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