Ryan David Orr – Mordred, the Quarter Known (CD)

I believe that the theme behind Mordred, the Quarter Known is something momentous for the alt-rock domain. Where there would be a more metal bent (typically) to a title that focuses on the King Arthur legacy, Ryan David Orr provides a complex, darkly emotional type of alt-rock to his listeners. April, I’m Sure the Stars Understand is one of those tracks that captures the different twists and turns of Orr’s music in a five-minute miniature epic.

Despite being a major part of Oregon’s music scene for the last decade, Orr’s music strikes me as incredibly fresh and well thought-out. While many artists only focus on the musical side of things, the gravitas brought to tracks like Carry Me Home and The Ocean I Bleed Before showcases the power of the written word. Listeners to Mordred, the Quarter Known can focus on the two distinct sides of the title; I personally found the interactions between the two to represent some of the album’s strongest bits and pieces.

Ryan David Orr’s Mordred, the Quarter Known is an album that stands strong in a number of time frames. The music is timeless, while Orr’s penchant for finding the right word will have listeners swooning. Fans of lyric will be similarly surprised by the album’s 11 compositions, while the experience of the album taken together will take listeners aback. Keep an ear low to the grown for Orr’s next albums, as one would have to wonder if lightning could strike twice. I would personally like to see how Orr’s love for epic tales manifests itself on later efforts.

Top Tracks: April, I’m Sure The Stars Understand, Where the World Is Waiting For You

Rating: 8.5/10

Ryan David Orr – Mordred, the Quarter Known (CD) / 2012 Self / 11 Tracks / http://www.ryandavidorr.com

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