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The story of RivetHead is one best told through the tracks on Doomsday for Optimism. This veteran band has refined their sound over the course of the last few years, and comes to the opening strains of Super Zero with tremendous momentum. The band is able to insert tremendously catchy hooks deep in the psyche of anyone listening in. While each of the album’s fourteen cuts showcase a slightly different side for the band, there is a cohesion that is whipped up on tracks like Cricket Bat or Buried Another One that keeps listeners focused in.

The different influences and styles that tinge this composition represent the very terminuses of rock music. This allows RivetHead to create an unique sound that touches upon some of the most famed rock artists of all time, all while creating a sound that is larger than life. Doomsday for Optimism is one of those rare albums that avoid the late-disc doldrums. On this album, RivetHead kicks things into a high gear with two late cuts – Burn It Down and Echoes in a Padded Room.

While Burn It Down is more raw, stripped-down, and visceral, Echoes in a Padded Room acts as its opposite in many ways. The tempo is different, the overall arrangement of the band feels shifted, and Echoes feels to be a much more introspective effort than Burn It Down. Regardless, the presence of these two tracks on the latest registers of the CD makes Doomsday for Optimism start off at least as strong as it began. Check RivetHead out; pick up a copy of this album and check them out whenever they come to your neck of the woods!

Top Tracks: Super Zero, Buried Another One

Rating: 8.1/10

RivetHead – Doomsday for Optimism (CD) / 2012 Self / 14 Tracks / /

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