Royal Baths – Better Luck Next Life (CD)

On Better Luck Next Life, Royal Baths are able to take strains from two distinct rock styles (the more psychedelic rock overtones of Faster, Harder with the pre-grunge workings of a Neil Young). While other bands would have problems creating their own distinct musical style separate from these two musical styles, every track on Better Luck Next Life is an ode to how the band marches to their own drummer. The band is not concerned about the normal trappings of song length – Be Afraid of Me is over six minutes, while the disc’s second track (Burner) reaches well into the seven minute mark.

The acct is able to keep listeners involved and interested throughout Better Luck Next Life no matter whether one is a fan of the single tracks or the album taken as a whole. I believe that the context of what Black Sheep puts forth is considerably different when one considers the tracks that immediately followed it (Map of Heaven and Someone New. Someone New is Better Luck Next Life’s final track, and acts in a similar duality to the beginning of the disc.

This time, the act is able to create something that caps off the album. With Someone New, they are able to provide listeners with an inkling about where the band’s next efforts may ultimately take them. I believe that Royal Baths are able to firmly flesh out a genre and sound that has gotten short shrift in the last few years; Better Luck Next Life is perfect example of this. Make it a point to go out and see the band whenever they come to your neck of the woods.

Top Tracks: Be Afraid of Me, Map of Heaven

Rating: 8.6/10

Royal Baths – Better Luck Next Life (CD) / 2012 Kanine Records / 9 Tracks / /

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