NIGHT TERRAIN to Release “American Dream” on July 24th

Albuquerque, NM doom/post-metal trio NIGHT TERRAIN have set July 24th as the day on which their gripping and wholly creative full-length debut American Dream will be self-released. Theirs is a sound that is hard to peg, but does at times bring to mind acts like Neurosis and Pink Floyd. The riffs can go from slow, sludgy and droning to uplifting or face melting within a heartbeat. The mission statement is to make music that conveys the human condition and can appeal to just about anyone while sticking true to its post-metal and doom metal roots.

American Dream Artwork & Track Listing:

Beyond Walls
Wayside and Hallowed
American Dream
Wild Again
Distant Echoes
 Night Terrain is a post-metal band based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, featuring a sound

that is equal parts space rock, doom metal and stoner rock. The riffs go from slow, sludgy and
droning to uplifting, manic and even face melting. Night Terrain’s mission statement is to make
music that expresses our understanding and experience of the human condition. Our music
should appeal to just about anyone with a shred of humanity while sticking true to its rock and
metal roots.
Night Terrain throw their hat into the proverbial ring this summer with their full-length debut,
American Dream, to be released on July 24th. The ten-track album grips you from the beginning
and refuses to let go, featuring the unforgettable title track, American Dream, as well as a new twist on the rock epic with Distance Echoes.
Dave. — Guitars — Dave originally hails from Providence, RI where he dabbled in everything
from industrial to black metal to postrock before moving into seclusion in the foothills of the
Sandias in Albuquerque. He has an extensive background in studying music composition in
various styles and still believes in the lost art of the guitar solo as a means of expression.
Joe. — Drums — A drummer-turned-vocalist who returned to his roots behind the drum kit to start up the Night Terrain project brings with him years of experience structuring songs and keeping everything from falling apart. In in his spare time he keeps himself occupied with his noise
project Sonicaust.
James. – Bassist — Originally from a cave system somewhere near the foothills of Manitou
Springs, Colorado, James brings a crushing clarity to the sound and adds an inimitable postmetal
groove. Previously, he hailed from the uncharted realms of the mythic metal band, Gnossurrus as well the math rock band, Noceros, and a variety of other musical outfits in and out of Seattle and Hawaii. He likes talking about really heavy concepts and thrashing in the rain.

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