Some Girls – Heaven’s Pregnant Teens (CD)


There is a lot more in the way of palatable music on “Heaven’s Pregnant Teens”, to the point that Some Girls actually could get a track onto college alternative radio. This is not to say that the band has lost any of the fury of past albums; the band fits in thirteen tracks into a disc that ends before the twenty-fifth minute. Some Girls show another dimension to their music during “Heaven’s Pregnant Teens”; slower tempo tracks like “Marry Mortuary” seem to contain considerable At The Drive In influences, even if the disregard for traditional song structures that Some Girls are known for is still very present throughout. The noisy guitars during “Religion II” really bring listeners back to 1996 or so, when Marilyn Manson was still fresh and Danzig had not begun to just cut albums for the hell of it.

The brutal sound of Some Girls during the track will affect listeners in a guttural way instead of simply bashing them over the head for two or three minutes; the fury during the track may sound moderate but the tone of the track ensures that it is comparable to anything else that Some Girls has put out. Owing much to the time served in each member’s previous bands, a track like “Religion II” sounds at least twice as long as its two and a half minutes would suggest. With the track, Some Girls dictate how individuals construe the music within; with this Type III face of power, there is little chance that Some Girls will not explode onto the scene as large as any member’s previous act (pick whichever one, whether it be American Nightmare, The Locust, or Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower).

The use of distortion and echo during the disc’s final gasp, “Deathface” gives almost a psychedelic vibe to Some Girls. In that sense, Some Girls paint a picture in which their protagonist stumbles and staggers through life, only to be battered down by the continual repetition that a humdrum life puts eir through. Some Girls increase their stock even over the excellent “The DNA Will Have Its Say”; each member brings evolution to this act, an act which climaxes in a tremendous way with the increasing chaos and almost tribal drumming of “Deathface”. Deconstructing hardcore and other musical forms that have gotten stale in the last few years, Some Girls may actually wrestle the (self-given) title of “The Shape Of Punk to Come” from those European hacks Refused.

Top Tracks: Deathface, Religion II

Rating; 8.3/10


Some Girls – Heaven’s Pregnant Teens / 2005 Epitaph / 13 Tracks / / / Reviewed 06 January 2006

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