Xi.me.na Borges Joyful Noise CD Review


There are very few holiday albums that look to do anything special. Joyful Noise is an album that will shatter all conceptions that listeners will have about holiday music. The album begins with Crunchy Drummer Boy, a much more eclectic and bouncy version of the classic Christmas track. The music here does come from left field, but it is done in a fashion that is absolutely catchy and hard to forget. Kurt Tannenbaum has a deft blend of jazzy swing and electronic music; the track isd able to touch upon a common place for a wide swath of listeners. No matter the styles or approaches that Borges takes on Joyful Noise, listeners will be utterly thrilled by the music that is issuing through their speakers. The technical virtuosity of Borges is properly highlighted through a production that is easily the equivalent of what is currently on heavy radio rotation.

Christmastime is Here is a straight-forward take of the Charlie Brown classic, imbued with an operatic set of vocals and a backing instrumentation to match.  Joyful Noise ends with Borges’ version of Silent Night. While this is an oft-covered track, Borges is able to provide a vibrancy that resounds long after the album has ceased.

Make sure to visit Borges’ website, Facebook, or Bandcamp ( https://ximenartista.bandcamp.com/album/joyful-noise ) for more information, samples of her music, and the ability to pick up Joyful Noise. This is the best holiday-themed album that we have happened upon so far this year, and it will maintain its freshness long after the Christmas tree has passed..

Top Tracks: Crunchy Drummer Boy, Christmastime is Here, Noche de Bach

Rating: 8.4/10

Xi.me.na Borges Joyful Noise CD Review / 2013 Self / 10 Tracks / http://www.ximenaborges.com/ / http://www.facebook.com/ximenartista

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