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The intuitive nature of the DaVinci Ascent allows individuals to easily find the temperature that they would like for their herbs. The easy to read screen allows users to know precisely the level at which they would like to vaporize their plant material. The product is able to impart the effect of medicinal material without having to combust it.

The Ascent is very light and will fit into any sort of purse, satchel, or messenger bag. The glass portion of the Ascent is telescoping, ensuring that it does not get sheared off or will break or chip. The only thing that I would have liked to see with the Ascent would be a hard stop for this stem. If one is unfamiliar with the vaporizer, there is a chance (albeit small) that they may pull the glass piece out. The receptacle for the plant material is sufficiently deep that the Ascent will provide vapor for a few minutes of sustained drags, without having to burn or miss out on vaporizing some portion of the material. The buttons on the vaporizer are easy to identify, press, and will not be altered through passing around the device. One has to want to use the button in order to register any chance, making this a solid addition for anyone that has social outings with the device.

An Ascent Vaporizer can be purchased for around $250; the product package comes with an additional mouthpiece stem, oil jars, a carrying case, and a charger. The company sells the Ascent online at their main domain; visit it today for more information about the color schemes and the company’s other devices.

Rating: 9.0/10


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