Undercover Rabbis Empires CD Review

An Empire Has Fallen is the opening track on Empires, and it comes forth with some sludgy and dark metal. The act is able to create a narrative using only instruments, and the resulting composition is enough to keep listeners amped up through a six-minute block. The production allows each element of the band to shine, even as the resulting contributions combine into something much more expansive.

Undercover Rabbis are able to tie together Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Venom, and even Black Sabbath. Bold guitar work that tattoos itself upon listeners can be heard during Moving Mountains, which grinds and shuffles through another five minutes. Ruins represents the middle of Empires, and the track’s length (nearly twelve minutes) allows Undercover Rabbis ample opportunity to create an epic track that will resound long after the album closes. The track captures a wide array of influences as the act is able to twist and turn the composition into something considerably different than when it began.


Turbulence of the Sun has the band craft a newer, more tribal (imagine Sepultura or early Godsmack) touch, which has a psychedelic, chaotic darkness draped over that. Light on the Horizon is the final track on Empires, and it represents a perfect blend of the styles that the band had broached up until this ultimate cut, while pushing through some compelling and otherwise distinct elements not heard anywhere else on the album.


The Empires release can be purchased from Undercover Rabbi’s Bandcamp, while individuals that want to find out more about the band can visit their ReverbNation for additional news and song uploads.


Top Tracks: An Empire Has Fallen, Turbulence on the Sun


Rating: 8.0/10




Undercover Rabbis Empires CD Review / 2014 Self / 5 Tracks / http://undercoverrabbis.bandcamp.com/ / http://www.reverbnation.com/undercoverrabbis

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