Summer Pils (Saranac)

Saranac’s Summer Pils is a refreshing effort that will be appreciated by fans of traditional American lagers as well as those that want to have a hoppier effort. The beer pours with a straw yellow and has a little wheat on its nose. The overall taste of Summer Pils is dry, slightly hoppy, and possesses a number of hay, grain, and wheat elements. Taken together, the beer is something that perform admirably alongside burgers, chicken, or a bevy of other plates. Continue reading “Summer Pils (Saranac)”

Jean “Geno” Sylvain / Genetics By Geno

Genetics By Geno is a bit of a misnomer; the work that Geno has done to improve his body to one of the best in the world is largely due to his own sheer drive and determination. The information that he provides in his gym and online will similarly benefit anyone that is looking to cut down weight, build up strength, and be as healthy as humanely possible. Continue reading “Jean “Geno” Sylvain / Genetics By Geno”

MrE Prodigal Son Returns EP

The Prodigal Son Returns EP is a five-song collection that provides listeners with a brief introduction into the inimitable style of Bronx’s own MrE. The two tracks – Prodigal Son and Prodigal Progenies – comprise the efforts on this EP. Unlike a number of different singles, the different iterations of each of the tracks represent different takes on a theme, rather than songs that have been tweaked slightly. This means that the original mix of Prodigal Son (featuring Neena) will tell quite a different story than the instrumental version or the lead-off version on the EP. In the same fashion, the two takes of Prodigal Progenies will provide listeners with further information about this mysterious performer. Continue reading “MrE Prodigal Son Returns EP”

Royal Holland Volume Two: Flamingo CD Review

The Grave is a powerful introduction to Cincinnati’s Royal Holland’s latest effort, Volume Two: Flamingo. There are hints of Radiohead, Bright Eyes, and even the dust-swept singer-songwriters of era past. What results with this introductory salvo is something that is immersive, compelling, and will have listeners sitting on the edges of their seats until the titular track on Flamingo begins. The funkier sound of Flamingo showcases a duality to Royal Holland’s music – the different elements (synth, guitars, vocals, and drums) are able to shine apart and as part of a cohesive entity. The multi-layered approach that is taken during this cut allows for this track to be incredibly deep while having a radio-ready sound that should garner heavy rotation. Continue reading “Royal Holland Volume Two: Flamingo CD Review”

Mission Belt in Steel

The Mission Belt is the best belt that I have ever worn. The leather that the company uses is very thick and an actual piece of leather rather than being bonded together with strips. There is a unique sort of fastener that the Mission Belt company includes with their offerings that allows one to ratchet the belt to the proper tightness without having to use one of two ill-fitting holes. This fastener has a quick release button on the buckle that makes taking off the belt incredibly easy. Continue reading “Mission Belt in Steel”

The Greater Pumpkin (Heavy Seas)


The Greater Pumpkin is a Heavy Seas effort that vanquishes a great many of the faults associated with the pumpkin ale style and creates something that is heavy, intense, and fun all in the space of a 22 ounce bomber. The ale pours with a dark brown, mahogany to orange coloration and small wisps of a lightish-tan head that tenaciously remains on top of the glass. There is a powerful boozy nose to the beer that showcases some of the notes that will become prevalent as one takes their initial sip. The bourbon flavor is really light here, which means that the pumpkin flavor can be discerned while the little bits of vanilla and whiskey that one tastes work in harmony with the beer rather than wholly taking over. Continue reading “The Greater Pumpkin (Heavy Seas)”

Animals as Leaders Release “Physical Education” Video

Animals as Leaders go back to school with the trio’s video for the song “Physical Education”. The album comes from the band’s most recent album, The Joy of Motion, which is available now via Sumerian Records.  Continue reading “Animals as Leaders Release “Physical Education” Video”

Upcoming Summer Music Events: The Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead


2015 is going to be a wonderful summer for music fans — not only are the Rolling Stones on tour, but we’ll also be seeing the final performances of the Grateful Dead. Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading “Upcoming Summer Music Events: The Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead”