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We had a few moments to sit down with Melbourne’s Galliano Sommavilla. Can you give us a little biographical information about yourself?

Firstly hello and thank you to all the NeuFutur readers.

I am Melbourne (Australia) born and raised. I classify myself as a Contemporary pianist/composer and Author. Regards to being an author, I have been very fortunate to have had two cookbooks published (both with original music attached to the book). An early ear for music, you might say, my Mother used to give me empty glasses, some water and a spoon and I used to fill the glasses accordingly and ‘tinkle’ away! (My high chair years). Growing up, various school (musical) productions, etc., some piano lessons, performances, first band and the like.


Professional musician now for over 30 years, mainly piano solo, but also various bands, trios, duos, and some teaching. My first indie album release was in 1996 titled ‘Rain in my Bathtub’ (Instrumental 17 tracks) and subsequently 20 albums have followed, 15 of which are part of my Series ‘365’, (Compose, arrange, record and upload 1 original song a day for a year!). I am very grateful and humbled to be able to do what I have done and continue to do my best. With regards to my solo piano career, I have been fortunate to have held the Monday solo piano spot at Melbourne’s Crown Casino since 1997.

You are very active in releasing music. What separates you from other composers that are releasing on a yearly/biyearly clip?

I ventured on something whilst reading about someone in America who had done similar and thought, maybe, I could do, as well. Compose, arrange, record and upload 1 original song a day for a year, from May 6 2013 to May 5 2014 (uploaded to SoundCloud daily), with over 27 hours of original music produced. Now I am going through them all individually and putting them into albums, 15 full albums to date, as from May 2015. I also do small video clips (using mac Imovie) for some of my works and have produced over 70 at this time.

In a related vein, what sort of set up (instruments, recording devices) do you utilize when you capture your music for a larger audience?

Currently at Crown Casino I perform on a Yamaha C2 Piano, its very nice, obviously Japanese sounding as different to a European set up, but I sort of like it that way with regards to my original Instrumental band ‘Galliano and the Sommavillains, I have a lovely Korg Krome with a Yamaha MOX6 When I record at home…. Logic Pro 9, Duet Apogee 2 , Various software

How can listeners listen of your music?

I have a SoundCloud page also on my website you will find other music, info, recipes, dates, pics, albums for sale, gigs, etc.

You wear many hats, performing as well as teaching. How is the act of playing music different than teaching others to play?

I have taught piano for a while, I must say, having said that I only recently ‘discovered’ an old student of mine going back to 1997, via Facebook. He mentioned that he had his own studio now, producing and mixing and playing and that I was the catalyst in him getting to that position. I feel very privileged that I was able to help someone to pursue their dream.

A little bit of an aside, what two or three composers/artists would constitute a “dream lineup” for you to play alongside? What role does each act hold in the creation of your inimitable sound?

Such a hard question to fathom and answer as there have been many influences on my style over the years. Anyway, these might sound like an odd pairing (trio) of sorts…. Billy Joel, Riccardo Cocciante (Italy) and Pink Floyd

What does the rest of 2015 hold for you – any live dates or new sides to your online persona that our readers at NeuFutur should know about?

Fortunately I still performing live (solo piano) at least twice a week at the moment, every single gig you do is a bonus, every single gig I do I am grateful to be still doing it, I am not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination, in fact quite ordinary, but have passion! I am continuing with my Series ‘365’ albums and hope to have another 5-8 albums done/produced/mixed/mastered by the end of 2015 bringing my total to about 25.

Also I am very excited as my new instrumental band ‘Galliano and the Sommavillains’ is recording their debut EP. We have already done our first video which should be available on Youtube by the end of June 2015/ July 2015.

I am also completing another book, hopefully to be published in 2015/2016.

How you garnered more fans from traditional word of mouth or through online (Facebook, website, SoundCloud) means? Have you noticed anything different between each type of fans?

I am constantly learning about social media and how it can increase you fan base, whether it be my solo or band career. I am grateful for any fan, whether SoundCloud, Facebook or any other medium (ReverbNation, etc.). song contests, NeuFutur!.

Thank you so much for your time. Do you have any thoughts for NeuFutur’s readers?

Thank you very very much for reading this, I wish you all well…..Never give up, never!!

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