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The Mission Belt is the best belt that I have ever worn. The leather that the company uses is very thick and an actual piece of leather rather than being bonded together with strips. There is a unique sort of fastener that the Mission Belt company includes with their offerings that allows one to ratchet the belt to the proper tightness without having to use one of two ill-fitting holes. This fastener has a quick release button on the buckle that makes taking off the belt incredibly easy.


The color of the belt is a neutral (but vibrant) brown allowing for individuals to match it nicely with a wide variety of different outfits. The durability and high build quality of the Mission Belt is why potential purchasers should feel confident that the belt will hold up to heavy usage for years. The Steel belt is not priced at a level that will put it out of affordability for the average individual ($39.95 for S-X-Large, $44.95 for sizes up to 56 inches).


Make sure to look around local department stores or your own Mission Belt and visit the company The company has a wide variety of different cuts, styles, and overall designs to broadly increase the applicability of their product line for those in a wide variety of occupational fields and a similarly large array of social situations. As a teacher the Mission Steel belt looks perfect and provides the perfect pizzazz for a number of my outfits but its presence would not look out of place for those with more construction, farming, plumbing or other similar sorts of occupations. Mission’s Steel Belt is one of the strongest and best thought-out products that we have reviewed so far in 2015; it would be a great gift for birthdays, graduations, or other similar occasions.

Rating: 10 / 10

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