Magnificent Birds of Prey Kaleidoscope CD Review

Sticks and Stones comes with a heavy, trippy take on rock music that links together sixties and seventies rock into something sludgy and brilliant. Writing Everything Away is more contemplative and introspective, sending listeners on a journey with deftly-arranged guitar work that bridges America to Zappa, while Seven takes a raucous blend of Thin Lizzy and seventies Detroit music and whips them into an emotional fury.

KALEIDOSCOPE Cover Magnificent Birds of Prey

Kaleidoscope spins to an end with Lullaby, an effort that links together vocals, drums, guitars, and bass into a meandering journey that is as much Blue Album-era Weezer as it is Drive Like Jehu. Check out Kaleidoscope when it comes out on August 18th.

Rating: 8.7/10

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