Kenny Write The Groovy Song | Angel of Breath

The Groovy Song is a track that stands in the middle of pop, R&B, and dance music. Little more is present here than strong female vocals, a percussive track, and a hint of synths. What listeners will hear is much greater – this is an effort that elicits comparisons to Jordin Sparks and Beyonce. Ending before the three-minute mark, The Groovy Song is one of the catchiest singles we have heard this autumn.

Angel of Breath is the perfect counterpoint for The Groovy Song; the tremendous power of the vocals here create shivers. The piano that plays at the bottom of the track supports and opposes these lyrics, crafting something that is decidedly better than the already-solid individual contributions. Kenny Write will stoke a fire in anyone lucky enough to listen to these two singles, ensuring that listeners will eagerly anything to follow from this performer.

Rating: 8.7/10

Kenny Write The Groovy Song | Angel of Breath / 2015 Self / / / /

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