Jenny Gillespie – Cure For Dreaming

Long before Tori Amos started writing about fairies and mysticism, she was one of the ‘90s most original musicians to ever take a spot behind a piano. Judging from her latest, Cure For Dreaming, Jenny Gillespie may be the second coming of Amos.Jenny Gillespie – Cure For Dreaming

The album manages to combine elements of jazz, pop, folk and ‘70s-era California rock. Cure For Dreaming is a grab bag of experimental music that works more often than it doesn’t. With vocals the leak out, sometimes in near whispers, Gillespie covers themes of marriage, motherhood and even spirituality (no worries, she stops short of singing about fairies here).

While the music is beautifully hypnotic, it’s the lyrics that really help Gillespie stand apart with vivid stories and compelling character unfolding in 3-and 4-minute lifespans.

Jenny Gillespie – Cure For Dreaming/8 tracks/Narooma Records/2016 / /


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